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NOSING & TASTING / Whisky Proeverij



Session at  3 p.m. on reservation


THE  GLENLIVET  VINTAGES  1967  / 1968  / 1969  /  1970  /  1972

The Longer the Wait the Greater the Reward

Good Things come to those who Wait

A vertical tasting of five single malts from The Glenlivet Distillery Banffshire

Bottled at Cask Strenght in 200 ML  Bottles

The sample Bottles in this  cedar case date from different years, each sample comes from a different cask


1967 – 1998  2LVF001  53,32 %
A rich vintage, showing deep sherry fruit over a smooth sweetness

1968 – 1998  2LVF002  52,75 %
A full fragrance on the nose, followed by a gentle fruity sweetness on the palate

1969 – 1998  2LVF003  52.08 %
Deep, nutty wood notes, with a soft balanced richness

1970 – 1998   2LVF013  56.42 %
Dry, yet  fruity, letting spicy sweetness show through

1972 – 1998  2LVF005   54.29 %
The nose is aromatic, spicy; in the mout hit opens to a soft fragrant sweetness

These different whiskies demonstrate how The Glenlivet fundamental style shows itself in each year, through the differing influences of time and the casks.

W. Lamb, Master Distiller  

THIS 5 THE  GLENLIVET VINTAGES à 2 cl = Price on demand

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