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SPEY  also see Speyside, Drumguish, Glentromie

40 %                                 
From Speyside Distillery
12 / Twelve years old
Limited Edition
650 Numbered bottles
Bottled by Harvey's of Edinburgh Ltd

From Alec Harvey's Private Collection, this 12 years old Single malt reflects the original
Whisky from 1770.

40 %                                       
From Speyside Distillery
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
392 Numbered Bottles
Bottled by Harvey's of Edinburgh Ltd

Spey Single Malt Whisky: The secret that cannot be told…only discovered. Keep the secret!

John and Robert Harvey who founded the business in 1770 also started a unique family tradition on Christmas Day1787 - a family only whisky called  "Spey Chairman's Choice".

Certificate of Authenticity

Since 1770 - Christmas Day had always been special in the Harvey's family as this was the day that the Harvey's Chairman selected his own limited choice - Spey "Chairman's Choice" - only to be enjoyed by family and friends at the annual Christmas Day lunch and the months of the New Year.

However, Christmas Day 1814 was extra special for it was that day that Chairman Robert Harvey shared a Spey "Chairman's Choicwhisky cask to be given to Lord Byrone" with one of England's most famous poets - Lord Byron.

Lord Byron was enchanted by Spey "Chairman's Choice"but at the same time invited Robert Harvey to select a "Royal" version to be offered at his own wedding in eight days time with a "Royal" cask to be given to Lord Byron's close friend, His majesty King George III.

Thus, Spey "Royal Choice"was created to commemorate  Lord Byron's wedding with Lady Annabella Milbanks at Seaham Hall on 2nd January 1815 with a cask then gratefully received by King George III at Kew Palace London.

Nowadays, Spey "Chairman's Choice"still continues the Christmas Day celebration but now with limited aged editions allocated to various parts of the world. We apologize if, due to the strict allocation, you have not always been able to find or buy Spey "Chairman's Choice".

Harvey’s of Edinburgh International is headed by John Harvey McDonough, who focuses on the Taiwan market, where more than one million bottles of Spey single malt are sold each year, Spey whisky has been sourced from Speyside distillery, near Kingussie, since McDonough launched the brand some 16 years ago, and since 2012 Harvey’s has owned the distillery, guaranteeing future supplies of spirit.

It was acquired in partnership with major Taiwanese food company Vedan, which has strong trading links with China and Vietnam, providing lucrative new opportunities for Spey. As well as enjoying strong sales in Taiwan, the Spey brand sells in 22 countries including Russia, Spain and the Middle East.

Harvey McDonough’s family on his mother’s side has a long history in the Scotch whisky industry, dating back to John and Robert Harvey in the 1770s. When Lord Byron was married at Seaham Hall in County Durham in 1815 he presented his friends with a cask of Harvey’s Spey Whisky to celebrate his wedding, even sending a cask to King George III.

During the 1920s and ’30s Harvey McDonough’s grandfather, Alec Harvey, used the cellars of Seaham Hall to store whisky destined for export to Canada and ultimately into Prohibition-era USA.

Harvey MacDonough inherited his grandfather’s passion for whisky, and after working with Grand Metropolitan for 15 years he spent a further three years in Taiwan with International Distillers and Vintners (IDV), before resurrecting his grandfather’s company in 1996.

In 1770, John & Robert Harvey began their Whisky journey by firstly founding Yorker distillery then subsequently Dundashill and Bruichladdich distilleries.

Lord Byron, in celebration of his wedding in 1815 sent gifts to his wedding guests including King George III, a cask of scotch whisky thought to be SPEY Single Malt.

It was in 1856 that Harvey’s finalized the “Harvey’s codex” – which was designed as a family only known recipe for exactly how the whisky was malted, distilled and how the Highland water was chosen as well as the critical wood / casks selection to be used for the maturing of SPEY and also the Harvey’s brand of Scotch whisky.

In 1906, after almost 140 years in business, the Harvey’s were forced to relinquish their distilling interests and focus on the Harvey’s Codex traded whisky produced by friends.
Prohibition Era

Then in the 1920’s, Alexander (Alec) Harvey, continued the family trading business by smuggling casks and bottles of SPEY from Seaham Hall in County Durham to the USA, at the height of prohibition.

In 1955, Alec’s daughter Doreen married John McDonough and a year later they had their first child, also called John and then in 1961 their daughter Linda. Inspired by his grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit and successful foray into whisky trading, John Harvey Jnr. began a long career with Grand Metropolitan-International Distillers and Vintners, eventually relocating to Taiwan before reverting back to the family Scotch Whisky business.

In 1990, John relaunched SPEY in his adopted home, together with Taiwanese colleagues, building it to the No.3 malt brand in a few short years. Then in 2012, John Harvey McDonough realised his grandfather’s dream of returning to distilling, when Harvey’s bought Speyside Distillery Company Limited (SDCL), operating the beautiful Speyside Distillery.
The acquisition will safe-guard the supply of SPEY Whisky, this truly exquisite single malt, for generations to come, making Alec Harvey very happy indeed - in the company of the heavenly angels!

Beinn Dubh
Black Burn
Glamis Castle
Speyside Bonding Company
Speyside Distillers Company
Speyside Distillery Company
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