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Machrie Moor

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46 %
Single malt Scotch Whisky
Released in 2010
Limited Edition 9000 Bottles
Non - Chill Filtered
Natural Colour
Distilled, Matured and Bottled in Scotland
Isle of Arran Distillers Ltd, Arran

MACHRIE  MOOR  also see  Arran ( 2010 -September for the 1first time
Introduced in September 2010 from stock from 2004 & 2005

On the west coast of the Isle of Arran lies a windswept and mystical peat bog called Machrie Moor.
Bronze age stone circles and standing stones are strewn across its barrenundulating terrain.
One of the stone circles is known as Fingal's Cauldron Seat, where sits a stone with a carved hole.

The legendary warrior giant, Fingal is said to have tethered his favourite  dog Bran to this stone.
This peated  expression of the Arran Single Malt perfectly captures the rugged beauty and lore of the landscape.
Unleash the legend that is Machrie Moor.

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