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Malt variety:Concerto barley supplied by Simpsons

Water source: Loch Katrine

Mashing: 1.5 tonne mash

Fermentation: Eight stainless steel washbacks filed with 7500 litres of wort

that is fermented for 72 hours using dry bagged yeats.

Distillation: One wash still that is charged with 7500 litres of wash yielding 2500 litres

of low wines. One spirit still charged with 5000 litres from the low wines receiver,

yielding a heart cut of roughly 850 litres at 71 % ABV. Balanced system.

Caacity: 280.000 lpa per annum projected in the first year of operation with a maximum

capacity of 500.000 litres lpa per annum.

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