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Aged 18 years  
40 %                          
Highland Single Malt
Scotch Whisky
Deveron Distillery Co
Distilled at Macduff Distillery
Macduff, Aberdeenshire

Aged 12 years
40 %
Highland Single Malt
Scotch Whisky
Deveron Distillery Co
Distilled at Macduff Distillery
Macduff, Aberdeenshire

Made where the big river meets the the
endless brine, in any weather, drook it or clear.
Delve in fruity depths where nutty notes are
stowed; a dram for blether and fireside cheer.

also see Glen Deveron, MacDuff.

Macduff is one of the newer distilleries in Speyside, having been founded in 1958. Morty Dyke, George Crawford, James Stirret, and Brodie Hepburn founded the distillery. Together, they formed Macduff Distilleries Ltd. Construction of the distillery was completed in 1960, and the first cask filling occurred in June the same year.

Country, Region:
Scotland, Highlands
-2.512744 57.658035
Still 1:
2 x 20,000 l
Still 2:
3 x 12,500 l
9 x 32,000 l
6 t
Founding year:
Distillery output:
2,800,000 l:

The Speyside distillery of Macduff has a range of official bottlings for the prospective buyer to choose from. The official expressions released by the site are a 16 year old, 20 year old, and 30 year old. All of these bottlings are actually released under the name of Glen Deveron. The distillery has changed its name a number of times throughout its history, and now operates under the name of Glen Deveron. In addition to these official releases, Macduff has also been bottled by a number of independent bottlers. Duncan Taylor has released a 45 year old bottle, which retailed at a phenomenal $2300. Gordon & MacPhail have released a 13 year old bottling, and Hunter Laing have a 21 year old bottling, which lay in a slightly more affordable price range. Additionally, Cadenhead and Signatory Vintage have also released independent bottlings. Independent bottlings of the spirit are often released under the name of ‘Macduff’, as opposed to ‘Glen Deveron’ used and legally protected by the distillery. Only about 10% of the malt whisky produced at the site is bottled as single malt whisky. This is due to the fact that the majority of the spirit distilled at the site is used as a major component in the Dewar’s, as well as the William Lawson blends.

The Production
The distillery has a production capacity of 2.4 million liters, and draws it water form local sources, including the Gelly burn, which lays adjacent to the distillery’s site.

The Pot Stills
The distillery has two wash stills and three spirit stills, which is a highly unusual set-up in Scotland.  The only other distillery to have such a production structure is Talisker on the Isle of Skye. The wash stills each have a capacity of 20’000 liters, while the spirit stills have a capacity of 12’500 liters. All of the stills have a traditional Speyside shape, with wide spherical lids and tall, conical necks. A not often seen specialty of the stills are the heavily bent lyne arms.

The Maltings
Macduff distillery sources its malt from an industrial source in Speyside. The Distillery uses a combination of peated and unpeated malt, depending on the purpose of the spirit that the site is distilling. The malt that is used in the production of the spirit intended to be sold as single malt is often slightly peated, which gives the single malt a gentle, smoky taste. The distillery also uses entirely unpeated malt, which is used both in the production of raw whisky intended to be sold as single malt, and intended for blending.

The Warehouse
Macduff has an impressive on-site warehouse facility, which houses the raw whisky which is intended to be sold as single malt, as well as the whisky to be used in blending. The site has a combination of both dunnage and racked warehouses. The distillery uses a combination of Sherry and Oak casks in which the whisky is aged.

The History
Macduff is one of the newer distilleries in Speyside, having been founded in 1958. Morty Dyke, George Crawford, James Stirret, and Brodie Hepburn founded the distillery. Together, they formed Macduff Distilleries Ltd.  Construction of the distillery was completed in 1960, and the first cask filling occurred in June the same year. In 1965, the number of stills at the distillery was increased from two to three. In 1967, another still was added, bringing the total at the distillery to four.  In 1972, William Lawson acquired the distillery.

Lawson managed the distillery until 1980, at which point the company was bought by Martini Rossi. Under Rossi’s direction, the distillery continued to expand, adding another still in 1990. In 1992, Rossi were bought by Bacardi, and the management of Macduff was transferred to John Dewar & Sons, a subsidiary of Bacardi. Dewar & Sons still manage the distillery today, and Macduff is a major component in their blends

Macduff Distillery Celebrates 60 Years
September 2020

Following the lifting of government controls on the distilling industry in 1959, including malt and grain rationing which had been in place since World War II, the door was opened to increase whisky production in Scotland and one of the first distilleries to be constructed was the new modern (for its time) Macduff Distillery near Banff in the east Highlands.

The Macduff Distillery distillery was founded by a group of Glasgow brokers - George T. Crawford, James Stirrat and Brodie Hepburn who together formed the Glendeveron Distillers Ltd. Brodie Hepburn from the group brought with him knowledge and experience of owning other distilleries such as the William Delme-Evans designed Tullibardine distillery which he purchased from William Delme-Evans in 1953, he was also later behind the founding of Deanston distillery in 1965 but before that it was architect William Delme-Evans who Brodie Hepburn and the rest of the Glendeveron Distillers Ltd turned to for the design of Macduff Distillery.

Filling the first cask at Macduff Distillery 16th June 1960 - Image copyright Bodies of Banff

Just over 60 years ago, 16th June 1960, the Macduff Distillery in Banffshire filled its first cask of single malt whisky, Cask #1 was filled by two of the Glendeveron Distillers Ltd founders and their wives, Mr & Mrs James Stirrat and Mr & Mrs George T. Crawford.

Macduff Distillery official opening invite 1st September 1960 photo copyright Bodies of BanffHowever the official opening of the Macduff Distillery didn't take place until around 10 weeks later, in fact it was exactly 60 years ago, on Thursday, 1st September, 1960 and it was officially opened by Colonel Sir George W. Abercromby, 8th Baronet, D.S.O. Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire. The official opening was attended by local business people, members of the whisky industry and the local press and the 1st September is the date the distillery marks their anniversary each year, as it was the moment Macduff distillery went officially ‘into the whisky business’.

Even some of the most ardent whisky connoisseurs amongst you could be forgiven for not recognising Macduff Distillery, as the single malt whisky it produces today does not carry the distillery name, you may be more familiar with Glendeveron single malt whisky or more recently in 2015 the single malt was rebranded 'The Deveron', at least the whisky available in the domestic market was, for some reason they chose to retain the name Glendeveron for the Macduff distillery's travel retail offerings.

Back in 1960, Macduff Distillery’s first manager was James Nicol who oversaw the bottling of its first whisky in 1968 – a five-year-old, labelled ‘Macduff Pure Highland Malt Scotch Whisky’. The reason the whisky hasn't retained the name Macduff is the Distillers' Company Limited, now Diageo, own the brand name Macduff.

Following the late 1960s Macduff Pure Highland Malt 5 year old bottling there was a mid-1970s release of a Glendeveron 8 year old. There was also a Glendeveron 12 year old year old in the 1980s and more recently there was a 10 year old.

Most of the whisky produced since the distillery's construction has gone into blends such as the current owners, (Barcardi) John Dewar & Sons, very popular William Lawson's Scotch blended whisky although some has been sold as single malt under the name Glendeveron over the years.

In 2013 things began to change when (Barcardi) John Dewar & Sons, launched the the global travel retail exclusive Glen Deveron Royal Burgh Collection which was made up of three single malts - Glen Deveron 16 Year Old, Glen Deveron 20 Year Old and Glen Deveron 30 Year Old. Each is made with previously unreleased rare, aged whiskies hand-selected from the distillery’s private reserve.

This was followed in late 2015 when John Dewars & Sons rebranded the single malt 'The Deveron' and launched The Deveron 10, 12 and 18 year old into the domestic market.

Today, Jamie Winfield holds the prestigious Macduff Distillery Manager title, he commented: "The distillery’s history and its importance to the local area is always front of mind when I walk in each morning. It’s a real privilege to be part of its past, present and future as we build on generations of craftsmanship and skill, alongside the very latest technology, to create incredible whiskies that are enjoyed around the world. This week, both here at the distillery and with our 7,000-strong global Bacardi family, we’re taking a moment to celebrate a successful 60 years in the whisky business for Macduff – here’s to many more fantastic years to come!"

Based in Glasgow, Jacqueline Seargeant, Global Heritage Manager for Bacardi, is responsible for archiving the rich history of Bacardi’s distilleries in Scotland. She comments, "At Bacardi we have 158 years of history, going right back to the founding of the company in Cuba in 1862. Recording and sharing those stories is what my team and I do every day. I’ve loved delving into the archives ahead of the Macduff 60th and uncovering the news cuttings, photographs and even video footage which documents the distillery’s past.

"It was a significant moment for the local area when Macduff opened its doors. There was an official opening on 1st September 1960 which was attended by the Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire, Colonel Sir George W. Abercromby 8th Baronet D.S.O, as well as local business people, members of the whisky industry and the local press. That’s the date we mark our anniversary each year, as it was the moment Macduff distillery was officially ‘in business’.

"This period was the dawning of a new era in distilling processes. Production at Macduff was simple and compact, focusing on energy saving techniques such as lagged pot stills which were also steam heated and the use of gravity instead of pumps. It’s fantastic to see that respect for the distillery’s beautiful natural surroundings still firmly in place today.

"From changes in ownership to adapting to changes in technology and whisky production techniques, it’s been a fascinating journey for Macduff over the last six decades, and I have no doubt there will be many more amazing stories to come."
Designed by William Delmé Evans, Macduff Distillery lies within the old
“policies” of Duff House, on the eastside of the River Deveron. A distillery
consortium of four men purchased the land, using their business connections to
establish the new distillery of Macduff. Production first began in 1960.
The design of the distillery was different to what had come before in a number
of ways, for example:
• There was no malting on site
• The fermenters were made of Corton Steel (copper nickel and mild steel)
• The original wash and spirit stills were heated at low temperature by steam
coils, an innovation at the time.
• Macduff was the first distillery to condense the spirit in shell and tube heat
exchangers instead of worm tubs.
Over the years, the ownership of the distillery has changed hands, additional
stills have been added and the still room extended and, in the 1970’s, it
was rebuilt to further increase capacity. Today, Macduff has the unusual
combination of two wash stills and three spirit stills. The state of the art tun
room has a total of nine wash backs.
This is a modern distillery built mainly for the purpose of supplying malt whisky
for the blending industry. Only a small amount of Macduff is bottled as a single
malt, usually as the clean and mild tasting Glen Deveron 10 year old.
Our Malts
Glen Deveron single malts
Opening Times
Macduff Distillery is not open to the public

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