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Brothers John, Iain and David are the visionaries and driving force behind Arbikie Distillery. As with all farming families, the brothers grew up working around the farm, and it is this hands-on experience that gave them a deep understanding of, and respect for the land.

Despite pursuing careers away from farming, they have always stayed attached to the family lands - and now with the opening and growth of the Arbikie Highland Estate distillery, they have returned to drive this exciting and continually evolving venture.

Capacity: 200.000 Ltrs
Single Estate Distillery:not only does the whole chain of production take place on site but all the ingredients are also grown on the farm.
The first vodka from poatatoes was distilled Otober 2014 Gin in May 2015 and Trials with malt whisky started March 2015 and full production was started in October 2015
Master Distiller is Kirsty Black, the barley from own farm is sent to Boorts Malt in Montrose.
Fermentation Time is 96-120 hours, The wash still is 4000 Ltrs, the spirit still 2400 Ltrs for the vodka and gon there is a 40 plate rectification colunm still

2015 Arbikie starts with trials for malt whisky and made from 52 % unmalted rye, 33 % unmalted whyte and 15 % malted Barley from own farm

First rye whisky in Scotland was released in December 2018.

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