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57.5159   N, 3.6518 W

Dunphail is a resolutely traditional distillery, dedicated to crafting the finest whisky the way it used to be made. Our mission is to produce world-class full-bodied, fruit-forward single malt whisky using the full range of processes, each one shaped by generations of rich distilling heritage.

From malting the highest quality barley through to a demanding production regime that is completely guided by hand, we take all the time that is necessary with every stage of our whisky making process.

Dunphail Distillery has been constructed from a one-time farm steading, and sits in the beautiful countryside of the Speyside region. The refurbishment and expansion of the site have been conducted using local, heritage materials such as Scottish Douglas Fir and original stonework.  Throughout development, we incorporated technologies that respect the natural environment, including the generation of all of our electricity needs through solar power as well as significantly reducing our need for water.

Our iconic malthouse, with its floor malting facility and kiln, was carefully designed and built to preserve the craft of traditional malting – a sight rarely seen at other distilleries these days.  Steeping, spreading and kilning of our barley are all conducted within the stone building, entirely by hand.
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