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New Spirit  
63,5  %                                     
Bottled at Full Strenght
Barley Variety Optic
Peating Level 50
Distillation Date 25.7.07
Cask Type: Bourbon
Bottling Date 3.8.07
5 cl Bottle
Distilled and Bottled by
Kilchoman Distillery, Isle of Islay

On the nose you detect a strong but not overpowering peaty aroma with intense fruity
flavours of pear drops  and rich fruits. The fruity character gives way to a butterscotch
aroma that is a unique feature of Kilchoman.

On the palate the same fruity characteristics are present with a sweetness that is highly
unusual in young spirit

September 2008
Kilchoan komt uit met een setje van 3 op bourbon gerijpte miniaturen, van respectievelijk
Één maand, één jaar en twee jaar oude spirits met de naam Connoisseurs Pack
3 years old   
46 %  
Kilchoman Distillery Uniquely Islay
Aged for 3 years in fresh bourbon barrels
oloroso sherry butts
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour
Distilled, Matured and Bottled by
Kilchoman - Islay Farm Distillery, Isle of Islay

Kilchoman Distillery was founded in 2005 and is the first distillery to be built on Islay for
over 120 years. It is a farm distillery and a proportion of the barley used in production is
grown and malted at the distillery

Kilchoman is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland producing 90 to 100.000 litres of
alcohol per year.

Kilchoman spirit is filled into a combination of fresh bourbon barrels from Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky, U S A and fresh oloroso sherry butts direct from Spain.

This is the third release from Kilchoman and has been aged for 3 years in fresh bourbon barrels and finished for 3,5 months in very active oloroso sherry butts.

Colour: Bright golden hue / Nose: Strong peaty aroma, a combination of wood smoke and
medicinal flavours with rich dark fruits / Palate: Peat smoke with dark rich fruits and
creamy toffee. Is has a long finish with a long lingering aftertaste.

Dr. James Swan – Whisky consultant
M. M. Rennie – Distillery Manager
46 %                                              
VINTAGE  2 0 0 6  RELEASE                                               
ISLAY’s  FARM  DISTILLERY                                      
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky                                      
Non Chill Filtered                                     
Natural Colour                                      
Distilled, Matured and Bottled by Kilchoman Distillery,                                     

Colour: Light beech darkening with age.
Nose: Peaty aroma, nice soft cooked fruits. Christmas cake
Palate: Cloves, butterscotch, soft citrus, mouth – filling and with a lasting sweetness.
Finish: A classic Islay Malt, now chowing benefit of ageing; peaty, fresh and clean at
the end.

John MacLennan Distillery Manager
Dr. James Swan Whisky Consultant

3 years old
46 %         
Uniquely Islay
Non Chill Filtered - Natural Colour
Distilled, matured and Bottled by
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Colour: Pale Straw
Nose: Strong peaty aromas and a complex blend of pear drops, citrus and hints of mango
Palate: An initial sweetness is followed by peat smoke and the mixed fruits
Finish: Long, clean and refreshing leaving hints of peat smoke and cloves.

46 %                                     
ISLAY  SINGLE  MALT                                         
SCOTCH  WHISKY                                       
ISLAY’ S  FARM  DISTILLERY                                       
2 0 1 2                                       
UNIQUELY  ISLAY                                       
Non chill filtered                                      
Natural colour                                       
Distilled, matured and bottled by                                       
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

The 2012 release is a vatting of 3, 4 and 5 year old single malt, with the 4 year old being
finished  in oloroso sherry butts for 8 weeks prior to bottling.

Colour: Pale straw
Nose: Strong peaty aroma with a soft complex blend of mixed fruits
Palate: Hints of vanilla and rich tropical fruits with an intense sweetnessFinish: A classic Islay malt – fresh, peaty, with a long lingering finish.

John MacLellan – Distillery Manager
Dr. James Swan – Whisky Consultant

Non chill filtered
Natural Colour
Distilled, matured and bottled by
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Colour: Rich golden
Nose: Soft peaty aromas and a blend of soft fruits and spice
Palate: An initial sweetness is followed by soft peaty aromas, mixed fruits and spice
Finish: Long and clean with a character and richness that beliesits tender age.

John MacLennan - Distillery Manager
Dr. James Swan   -  Whisky Consultant             

50 %    
1 0 0  %  ISLAY  RELEASE
2  N D  EDITION                                             
ISLAY' s  FARM  DISTILLERY                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky                                                                                     
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour                
Distilled, Matured and Bottled at Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Colour: White wine.
Nose: Light, fresh and clean with peat smoke in the background
Palate: Light, fresh and well balanced with peaty smoke and sweetness
coming through on the finish.
Finish: Long, clean and sweet with soft peat smoke.
over 3 years old
50 %
Islay Farm Distillery
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Uniquely Islay
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour
Distilled, matured and Bottled at Kilchoman Distillery, Islay.

John MacLellan       Distillery Manager
Dr. James Swan      Whisky Consultant

Aged in fresh and refill Bourbon barrels

Colour: Light golden
Nose: Soft peaty aromas and a blend of citrus, lemon and pear drops
Palate: An initial sweetness is followed by soft peat smoke and the mixed fruits
Finish: Long and clean, you would never guess is was only 3 years old.          

Aged  5 years  
59.2 %                             
Date Distilled: 1st July 2009
Cask Type: First Fill Barrel / ex Bourbon
Society Single Cask No: Code 129.5
Outturn: One of only 257 Bottles
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,
The Vaults, Leith, Edinburgh
"Some like it hot! "

We, the Tasting Panel, verify that the Scotch Malt Whisky inside this bottle has been
passed under some of the most scrupulous noses in the world and approved for re-
lease as a Society bottling.

Only single cask whiskies that promise to intrigue, entertain and delight our members
are selected, true to our motto: “TO  LEAVE  NO  NOSE UPTURNED “.

Led astray by the aroma of smooth cardamom ice cream it turned into tongue roasting
spicy chicken wings and charred marshmellows ina Tobasco sauce.

Water calmed things down; cinnamon rolls and a slightly burnt pizza with an espresso to finish

The nose was lovely, smooth, creamy and sweet; crème caramel, custard biscuits,
chocolate chip cookie dough as well as cardamom ice cream all washed down with
a cream soda.

The taste neat was nothing like it: chilli heat, tongue roasting fiery spicy chicken
wings and charred marshmallows with a Tabasco Pepper sauce dip – water to the rescue!

Now aromas of burnt dark chocolate cookies and ginger biscuits appear beside Dutch
oven blueberry cinnamon rolls with salted butter.

The taste has gone herbal, oregano and basil on a slightly burnt mozzarella salami
pizza and a well brewed strong Italian espresso in the finish.

46 %                                                                                
2  0 1 5
Non chill filtered
Natural colour
Distilled, matured and Bottled by
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Colour: Beech
Nose: Lemon and citrus with a sweet smoky aroma
Palate: Vanilla and butterscotch with an intense sweet peaty aftertaste
Finish: Signature Kilchoman, with a long lingering finish.

John MacLellan – Distillery Manager
Dr. James Swan – Whisky Consultant

46  %                                                                    
Distilled: 2010
Bottled: 2015
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour
Distilled, Matured and Bottled by
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Established in 2005, Kilchoman (pronounced Kil – ho – man) is one of the
smallest distilleries in Scotland. Based on a farm on the rugged west – coast
of Islay, Kilchoman was the first distillery to be built on the island for 125 years.

Kilchoman displays all that is great about the grass – roots traditions of Scotch
whisky distilling and truly is Islay’s farm distillery – from barley to bottle.

Loch Gorm, located just north of the distillery is very peaty in colour, similar to
the dark rich colour of our sherry cask matured single malts and is the name
given  to our sherry cask matured releases. It has been matured for over two
years in oloroso sherry butts.

Colour: Deep and rich
Nose: Soft, spicy and rich with light smoke, dark chocolate and citrus fruit
Palate: Soft fruits and peat smoke with a rich sweet finish

John MacLellan Distillery Manager

Established 2005
46  %                                                                 
2 0 1 5
Non chill filtered
Natural colour
Distilled, matured and bottled by
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Established in 2005, Kilchoman (pronounced Kil – ho – man) is one of the
smallest distilleries in Scotland. Based on a farm on thr rugged west – coast
of Islay, Kilchoman was the first distillery to be built on the island for 125 years.

Kilchoman displays all that is great about the grass – roots traditions of Scotch
whisky distilling and truly is Islay’s farm distillery – from barley to bottle.

Sanaig, located north of the distillery is a small rocky inlet and is the name given
to the newest expression in the Kilchoman range. It is a vatting of ex bourbon
and sherry casks.

Colour: Beech wood
Nose: Soft cooked fruits with caramel and vanilla now evident
Palate: Toffee, peat smoke and citrus with a lingering sweetness
Finish: A lovely balance of peat smoke, fruit and sweetness

John MacLellan, Distillery Manager

50 %     
Over 5 year old                                                           
100 %  ISLAY
Matured in fresh - and refill Bourbon Barrels
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Non Chill Filtered
Natural Colour
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Colour: White wine.
Nose: Light, fresh and clean with peat smoke in the background
Palate: Light, fresh and well balanced with peaty smoke and sweetness
coming through on the finish.
Finish: Long, clean and sweet with soft peat smoke.
63. 7 %
Over 5 years old                                                           
Islay Single malt Scotch Whisky
Distillation Date: 29.6.2010
Bottle Date: 12.8.2015
Cask 323 / number 2010
239 Numbered Bottles
Selected and Bottled  for Bresser & Timmer.NL
Kilchoman Distillery, Islay

Colour: Golden hay
Nose: soft fruits, citrus notes with a sweet smoky aroma
Palate: Subtle creamy vanilla and ripe fruit with a burst of smoke
The finish is long, clean and sweet.


2 0 1 0                                      
46 %                                       
ISLAY’s  FARM  DISTILLERY                                      
Kilchoman Distillery Uniquely Islay                                      
FIFTH  RELEASE                                      
Aged in fresh and refill Bourbon barrels                                       
Non Chill Filtered                                       
Natural Colour                                      
Distilled, Matured and Bottled by                                       
Kilchoman – Islay Farm Distillery, Isle of Islay

Colour: White wine
Nose: Peaty aromas and a complex blend of citrus, pear drops and vanilla
Palate: A initial sweetness is followed by peat smoke and the mixed fruits
Finish: Long, clean and sweet leaving hints of peat smoke

I s l a y

T h e  K i l d a l t o n  D i s t i l l e r i e s


Kilchoman werd op 3 Juni 2005 opgestart, het is de eerste distilleerderij die wordt
geopend sinds Malt Mill, in de Lagavulin distilleerderij werd opgestart in 1908

De distilleerderij is gelegen aan de westkust van Islay, dichtbij de Machir Bay en
het beroemde Celtic Cross, dat dateert van A.D. 1400.

Kilchoman is gevestigd op de Rockside Farm van Mark French, die al 25 jaar boert
op Islay en zocht naar mogelijkheden om zijn bedrijfje een breder draagvlak te geven,
onder de merknaam Islay Fine Food verkoopt hij gerookt rund- en lamsvlees, en zijn
vrouw Rohaise verzorgd tochten met een huifkar over het eiland.

Op de boerderij groeit het gerst, nodig voor het distileren, terwijl het residu, dat na
het distilleren overblijft gebruikt wordt als voer voor zijn koeien en schapen

Kilchoman kwam mede tot stand dank zij de langdurige vriendschap van Mark French
Met Anthony Wills te Argyllshire, eigenaar van Liquid Gold Enterprises, een firma
die zich specialiseert in Single Cask bottelingen

Anthony Wills had eerder geprobeerd Glen Scotia in Campbeltown over te nemen, maar
dat was te kostbaar

Ze zijn er in geslaagd Jim Swan, eerder betrokken bij Blackwood Distillery op Shetland
en Gwalia in Wales en John McDougall, legendarisch in de Schotse Whisky industrie
vanwege zijn betrokkenheid bij niet minder dan 19 distilleerderijen, waarbij Laphroaig
en Springbank

Men verkreeg ook assistentie van Ron Gibson, chemisch ingenieur te Girvan in Ayrshire,
eerder werkzaam bij William Grant & Sons Ltd  en verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerp
van de Grain distilleerderij te Girvan, van William Grant & Sons Ltd

Kilchoman is genoemd  naar een gehucht dichtbij de distilleerderij, Kil is kerk, Choman
is heilige in het Keltisch

Er staan een Wash Still van 2700 liter, een Spirit Still  van 1500 liter en twee Washbacks
van roestvrij staal

Het water dat wordt gebruikt voor het weken, brouwen en koelen komt van één bron:
Allt Gleann Osamail, een kunstmatig meertje dat het water opvangt dat komt van de
heuvels Cnoc Dubh, Cnoc na h-Uamha en Air Liath, gelegen achter Bruichladdich.

De ketels komen van de legendarische ketelbouwers Forsyths te Rothes

Er wordt niet meer dan 35000 liter spirit geproduceerd, oplopend tot 90000 liter in
de toekomst.

De stichtingskosten bedragen 900.000 Engelse ponden
De eerste whisky wordt gelagerd in Bourbon vaten
Er wordt ook geexperimenteerd met andere vaten, en verschillende Peat levels.
Men mout zelf, maar er wordt ook gemoute gerst van Port Ellen betrokken

Op 12 Februari 2006 brak er brand uit, maar de schade bleef beperkt
Er is een bezoekerscentrum, koffieshop, en souvenierverkoop
Capaciteit : 90.000 liter

Kilchoan is een boederij distilleerderij; de gerst komt van de Rockside Farm, en er wordt
gemout, gedistilleerd, gelagerd en gebotteld ter plekke
De machinerie bestaat uit een mash tun, vier r.v.s. wash backs, een eash still van 2700 liter,
een spirit still van 500 liter
De gisting duurt 100 uur, 40 %  van de behoefte wordt ter plekker gemout, de rest komt van
Port Ellen
De mout heeft een phenolpercentage van 25 - 30 ppm, terwijl de mout van Port Ellen hetzelfde

percentage heeft als Ardbeg
Lagering vindt plaats in op de boerderij in lagerpakhuizen (Dunnage) = met een aarden vloer
Kapaciteit van de lagerpakhuizen is 600 vaten
De 95.000 liter spirit lagert in 630 Bourbon- en 40 Shery vaten

De flessen met whisky gemaakt van mout van Port Ellen krijgen de vermelding Kilchoan,
de flessen met whisky met mout van de eigen mouterij krijgen de vermelding Kichoan
100 % Islay

Barley is Grown at the Distillery
Malted on a Malt Floor at the Distillery
Peated to an average of 45 ppm  (parts of million of phenols)
Distilled and Matured at the Distillery
The New Spirit is Filled into a Combination of Fresh Bourbon Barrels, from Buffalo
Trace Distillery, Kentucky, Fresh Oloroso Sherry Butts, as well as carefully selected
Refill Bourbon Barrels
When Mature our Malt will be Bottled at the Distillery
The First Bottling will take place in 2009 (3 years of age)
A visitor centr, shop and café are also part of the distillery operation. The shop sells
a range of Kilchoman merchandise, miniatures of Kilchoman 'New Spirit'a limited
edition release of an Islay Single Cask Malt under the Macbeatha brand, and a superb

range of gifts. The café offers delicious homemade soups, paninis, cakes, coffees, teas
and other refreshments

Rockside Farm, Bruichladdich , Isle of Islay, Argyll


Planning starts in 2002

Production starts in June

A fire breaks out in the kiln                                                                                                                                                                             
causing a few weeks production stop                                                                                                                                                      
but malting has to cease


Kilchoman is expanded with                                                                                                                                                                                 
two wash backs


9th  September  the first 3 year                                                                                                                                                                          
old single malt is released followed                                                                                                                                                                      
by a second release


Three new releases and the                                                                                                                                                              
introduction of the United States market                                                                                                                                                                         
MacLellan comes over from                                                                                                                                                     
Bunnahabhain to become                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
General Manager


Kilchoman 100 % Islay is                                                                                                                                                        
released, and a 4- and 5 year old.


Machir Bay, the first core expression
is released, also a Sherry Cask and
the second release of 100 % Islay


Loch Gorm and Vintage 2007


A 3 year port cask matured and the
first duty free exclusive released:
Coull Point


A Madeira  Cask maturation,
and Kilchoman Distillery is 10 years


Sanaig and a Sauternes Cask
maturation are released


A Vintage 2009 and a Red Wine Poruguese
Maturation are released
A Original CS launched


A limited STR Cask Matured is launched
2 more stills installed
Capacity 480.000 Ltrs
Output 300.000 Ltrs
Am Burach and a fino sherry casl are released
2021A Mdeira and a px sherry bottling are released
Casado is released

15 November, 2013
Islay's independent farm distillery, Kilchoman, has built a new warehouse to hold more than 10,000 casks.
Cose to the distillery and visitor centre, the 2,400 metres-squared warehouse was built to meet demand for the Kilchoman whiskies, which includes Machir Bay, Loch Gorm and a new edition of 100% Islay. The company says the development is a landmark in the distillery's history, which only released its first single malt, 100% Islay, in June 2011.
Kilchoman managing director Anthony Wills said: "The new warehouse opens up a number of opportunities for Kilchoman and to have reached this milestone earlier than we had anticipated is a great achievement for us.
"We built the warehouse to utilise the space we have at the distillery and we're looking forward to being able to move Kilchoman into a new chapter of its history."

Established in 2005, Kilchoman (pronounced Kil - ho - man) is one of the
smallest distilleries in Scotland. Based on a farm on the rugged west - coast
of Islay, Kilchoman was the first distillery to be built on the island for 125 years.

Kilchoman displays all that is great about the grass - roots traditions of Scotch
whisky distilling and truly is Islay's farm distillery - from barley to bottle.

Loch Gorm, located just north of the distillery is very peaty in colour, similar to
the dark rich colour of our sherry cask matured single malts and is the name
given  to our sherry cask matured releases. It has been matured for over two
years in oloroso sherry butts.

Established in 2005, Kilchoman (pronounced Kil - ho - man) is one of the
smallest distilleries in Scotland. Based on a farm on thr rugged west - coast
of Islay, Kilchoman was the first distillery to be built on the island for 125 years.

Kilchoman displays all that is great about the grass - roots traditions of Scotch
whisky distilling and truly is Islay's farm distillery - from barley to bottle.

Sanaig, located north of the distillery is a small rocky inlet and is the name given
to the newest expression in the Kilchoman range. It is a vatting of ex bourbon
and sherry casks.

Loch Gorm is our annually released sherry matured limited   edition. The loch, murky and peaty in colour, reflects the dark coppery tone   of the sherry matured Loch Gorm release.
As the only release in our range to be fully matured in sherry   casks (from filling to bottling), Loch Gorm has always attracted special   attention from whisky fans, especially given that just 15,000 bottles will be   released.
Loch Gorm has been evolving over the years, each new edition   containing a different combination of casks. This year Anthony has   selected twenty oloroso sherry butts from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011,   meaning that for the first time Loch Gorm will contain 12 and 13 year old   casks.
“It has been fascinating to see first-hand how the character   of our oloroso butts have developed. Recent editions of Loch Gorm have seen a   coming-of-age for the range, the addition 12 and 13 year old casks add a   fantastic balance and complexity.” Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD

Anthony’s tasting notes: Layers of stewed plums, pears and tropical   fruit have become more defined in the casks as they age, complimenting the   bold, spicy and rich character of early releases, creating a beautiful   marriage of Kilchoman and oloroso sherry cask maturation. I’m delighted with   the 2019 release and look forward seeing how it’s received.”

May 2019
Islay distillery Kilchoman is set to release a limited edition STR Cask Matured whisky next week, distilled in 2012 and fully matured in rejuvenated red wine casks.

New life: Kilchoman has used rejuvenated, STR red wine hogsheads to mature its latest single malt
The casks have been treated with the ‘STR’ method, which stands for shaving, toasting and re-charring, a process pioneered by the late whisky consultant Dr Jim Swan.

The insides of the casks are shaved in order to expose the whisky to new oak, before being toasted and charred to ‘maximise flavour extraction’.

Anthony Wills, founder and managing director of Kilchoman, said: ‘The STR cask balances influences from both new and used oak to create a powerful combination of rich fruit, oak, spice and maritime peat smoke.’

Kilchoman STR Cask Matured 2019 is said to take a different approach than the distillery’s previous red wine cask release in 2016, as the treatment is said to have ‘reduced some of the bolder flavours on the surface of the oak’ to provide ‘a more subtle red wine influence’.

The whisky is said to contain ‘summer fruits with a hearty measure of cinnamon spice’ on the nose and ‘soft caramel at first with layers of red berries’ on the palate.

Bottled at 50% abv, a total of 14,500 bottles have been produced from 30 ex-red wine hogsheads.

Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred Red Wine Casks
A creation of the late Dr Jim Swan, STR refers to a specific formula for the Shaving, Toasting and Re-Charring of Red Wine Hogsheads.  
A total of 43 casks filled in 2012 were selected by Anthony Wills, Kilchoman’s Founder and Managing Director, bottled at a strength of 50% abv without chill-filtration or colouring.
The process of shaving, toasting and re-charring has had a huge influence on these casks and the flavours of the resulting single malt. We released a full maturation Red Wine Cask release in 2016 which took on lots of the big and bold wine flavours, however the STR cask provides a different approach. The shaving has reduced some of the bolder flavours on the surface of the oak, producing a more subtle red wine influence. Once shaved, the casks were then toasted and charred over a natural oak fire, fuelled exclusively using oak chips from used staves. These processes remove harsh tannins and undelivered flavours and break down unwanted chemical bonds such as lignin, celluloses and hemicelluloses, replacing them with sugars, vanilla and spice notes.

Priced at £78.98 per 70cl bottle, Kilchoman STR Cask Matured 2019 will be on sale worldwide from 8 May.

The STR method has been used by many of the distilleries Dr Swan worked with as a consultant, including Kavalan distillery in Taiwan and Cotswolds distillery for its Founder’s Choice release

Farm distilleries were by their very nature always self-sufficient and while that is difficult these days with global demand for whisky on the rise, Kilchoman continues to try and stay true to that original model.

These days 25% of its barley requirements come from Islay (mostly from fields around the distillery). It has a small malting floor and kiln which produces a medium-peated malt - the heavily peated with which it is mixed comes from Port Ellen. Inside the distillery, fermentation is long - helping to create fruitiness to balance the shoreline/shellfish like phenolics, while an enlightened (and pricey) wood policy has seen a high percent of first-fill ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks being used. The result is that Kilchoman has hit the start of its mature period at a remarkably young age.    

The location of Kilchoman on Islay’s west coast has some historical resonance. It was in this parish that the MacBeatha/Beaton family settled when they came across in 1300 from what is now Co. Antrim. They were doctors (a Beaton was the hereditary physician to the kings of Scotland for hundreds of years) who translated medical texts about distillation from Latin into Gaelic.  There is therefore a theory (albeit unproven) that Islay was the first place where distillation took place in Scotland - and that Kilchoman parish was where it occurred.

It wasn’t so much this which caused Anthony Wills to build his farm distillery here in 2005 - it was more the fact that there was a spare steading at Rockside farm available. In building Kilchoman, the Wills family has brought farm distilling back to Islay.

Now surrounded by barley fields, the distillery has expanded once (in 2007) built new warehouses and in 2010 hired a hugely experienced manager in John MacLellan who had spent many years at the helm of Bunnahabhain. The history may be short, but the long-term vision is very much in evidence.

Shell and tube
Diageo malt 50ppm, own malt 10-25ppm
Diageo and own maltings
Copper domed, stainless steel
Semi Lauter
Onion shape with boil ball in neck
Currently at Kilchoman, Bruichladdich, Bowmore and Port Ellen. Mostly dunnage
Classic Onion
Stainless steel
Surface water collected in small dam close to distillery
Kilchoman Distillery Company logo
Kilchoman Distillery Company
2002 - prese

Scoring explained >
Kilchoman Fèis Ìle 2019
Single malt whisky
Smoky & Peaty

This is very Kilchoman in its understated quality and, like the Caol Ila, there’s a light mintiness to begin with. This then moves further down the herbal route – there’s an almost garrigue-like quality to it, like thyme and rosemary to the fire. The smoke seems quite subtle, hanging like a soft cloud above it all. In time you get hints of seashore before a dried fruit funkiness snaps you back into focus. Things never become too heavy or wood-dominant. When water is added more peat is released, along with peppermint.

Kilchoman often has flavours that take you back to a sweet shop. Here it’s strawberry Haribo and foam bananas. As these start to melt there’s some crème brûlée elements, some tangerine and a touch of clove. There’s an overall suppleness to the delivery while the smoke is beautifully integrated. It starts to break free and becomes more defined when water is added.

Long and gentle.

A soft and refined dram, resulting from a vatting of a first-fill ex-Bourbon barrel and an ex-oloroso Sherry cask.

Calmly watching the Light On Water.

September 2019
Kilchoman has released the ninth edition of its 100% Islay range, an annual bottling in which all aspects of the whisky-making process have taken place on site.

Kilchoman's 100% Islay 9th Edition
Islay provenance: Kilchoman's 100% Islay 9th Edition is ‘Scotland’s only single farm single malt’
Distilled from barley grown in the fields adjacent to the Islay distillery, the nine-year-old whisky has been matured in ex-Bourbon barrels before being bottled at 50% abv.

The oldest whisky in the 100% Islay range to date, the ninth edition uses a lower peating level than the bottlings found in Kilchoman’s core range.

Anthony Wills, Kilchoman founder and master distiller, said: ‘The lower peating level allows the natural floral sweetness of the spirit to shine through, whilst a higher age profile adds layers of overripe tropical fruit and stewed plums.

‘I’m delighted with how the ninth edition has come together and as ever, I look forward to hearing people’s opinions.’

Only 12,000 bottles of Kilchoman 100% Islay 9th Edition will be available worldwide from 12 September, priced at around £72 per 70cl bottle.

Kilchoman completes Islay distillery expansion
August, 2019
Kilchoman Islay single malt whisky distillery has completed the expansion of its distillery which has the potential to double capacity.

A new building has been constructed containing two new stills, a new mashtun and six additional washbacks which will boost capacity to 480,000 litres of alcohol.

“The stillhouse extension is the latest phase of an expansion that started last year with the completion of our new malt floor and kiln, we hope to complete the final phase; a new visitor centre, shop and café within the next 3-4 months," said Kilchoman founder Anthony Wills.

Kilchoman became the first whisky distillery to be built in Islay for 124 years when it was erected in 2005 and is one of the few independent scotch whisky producers.

It remains the only Islay single malt whisky to be completely made on site and from harvesting barley to bottling its whisky.

Wills added: “At a time when I thought I might take a step back we’ve invested around £6m in upgrades. That said, without an increase in capacity we would be heading towards a situation where all Kilchoman would be sold purely on allocation.

“The investment amounts to almost an entirely new distillery in itself however we wanted to ensure that the new equipment was a mirror image of the original stillhouse and we’ve been delighted with the quality of the spirit, with no discernible difference in the character of that produced from the new compared to old stills.

“The new equipment will also allow us to experiment more during the malting and peat phases as well as in the stillhouse with yeast varieties and isolating specific spirit runs.”

2010 Vintage
We’ve been launching single vintage releases for a number of years, they are some of my favourite Kilchoman expressions, mostly because they’re classic Kilchoman but also because each marks the development in the age profile of our maturing casks.

The 2010 Vintage is a vatting of 45 casks, all filled in 2010. It consists of 42 fresh bourbon barrels and 3 oloroso sherry butts, bottled at 48% abv with no chill filtration or colouring (as with all Kilchoman bottlings). A total of 15,000 bottles will be available worldwide from October 16th.

Until the previous vintage release, 2009 Vintage, the range had been matured exclusively in bourbon barrels however this year’s edition, as with the 2009 Vintage, is a vatting of both bourbon and sherry casks, this time roughly 85/15 bourbon/sherry casks. The balance of bourbon and sherry maturation is a tried and tested combination for us, it allows for both the vanilla and citrus flavours from the bourbon barrels and the rich, spicy influence of the oloroso sherry casks to balance and complement one another.

2019 Club Release
This year’s Club Release is a vatting of one oloroso sherry butt and three bourbon barrels filled between October 2006 and December 2007, bottled at cask strength; 54.3% abv.  1,242 bottles will be available via the Kilchoman website from Noon (GMT) on Thursday the 28th priced at £119.40 (including UK taxes).

After quite a bit of deliberation I settled on a 50/50 vatting of bourbon and sherry maturation, the casks I chose range from 11 to 13 years old.  From the first time I began blending Kilchoman casks I’ve felt that the best results were achieved by combining bourbon and sherry maturation.  On larger releases where I’m combining 20-40 casks I tend to use high proportions of bourbon maturation as most of our sherry casks are generally more rich than fruity.  However with this year’s Club bottling I sought out a particularly fruity sherry cask, this totally changes to dynamic of the vatting, removing the dominant dry sherry note and creating a more complex combination of stewed fruits which are offset beautifully by the caramel, citrus and more prominent peat smoke of the bourbon barrels.  Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder and Master Distiller.   

Tasting Notes
Nose: coastal freshness with minerality, cool blasts of peat smoke, seaweed and roasted pinecones.  Time brings out crisp citrus sweetness, heather and soft leather.

Palate: menthol sweetness and intense peat smoke then stewed plums, glazed/salted BBQ ribs, cooked plums, apples and currents with black pepper, sweet caramel and tobacco.

Finish: rich, slightly dry sherry notes then citrus sweetness returns with peat fire embers, fig and quince fruitiness.  A warm embrace on a cool winter evening!

If you aren’t a member click here to join –

The Club Release is exclusively available to members of the Kilchoman Club; a free to join group which offers inside information on upcoming releases, discounts when you visit the distillery and access to the annual Club Release, the jewel of our annual releases.

Last year’s release sold out fast so we’d recommend setting a reminder.  To ensure that the maximum number of people have the opportunity to taste the club release we’ve limited members to one bottle per person.

Juni 2020
Am Bùrach, het verhaal achter deze unieke botteling
Am Bùrach, Gaëlisch voor "een rommeltje", lijkt misschien een vreemde naam voor een limited edition single malt. Echter dit heeft te maken met het unieke verhaal achter deze botteling. In 2014 vond er een incident plaats waarbij twee verschillende Kilchoman whisky's abusievelijk werden geblend. De verantwoordelijke Stillman mengde per ongeluk vaten Machir Bay (standaard botteling van Kilchoman) en een Port Matured Kilchoman, waardoor Islay Heads, General Manager, het resultaat omschreef als "Am Bùrach", oftewel een rommeltje.

Deze eenmalige botteling, eentje om nooit meer te herhalen, heeft een ietwat ingewikkelde lagering van negen jaar. De botteling bestaat uit een vatting van Kilchoman whisky gelagerd op, ex-Bourbon en ex-Sherry vaten, gecombineerd met een op ex-Port vaten gerijpte Kilchoman whisky. Deze vatting vond in 2014 plaats daarna werd de whisky vervolgens opnieuw gevuld in ex-Bourbon vaten voor een rijping van zes jaar, met een finish van 6 maanden op ex-Port vaten.

Anthony Wills, oprichter van Kilchoman en algemeen directeur.
'Bij het maken van goede whisky gaat het vaak om geduld hebben. Toen in 2014 het incident plaatsvond, van het per ongeluk combineren van vaten, ging de whisky qua smaak en geur alle kanten op.  Nu de whisky een lagering heeft gehad van 6 jaar, kreeg het de tijd om te rusten en te ontwikkelen tot een prachtig uitgebalanceerde unieke Kilchoman single malt''

''Ongeacht hoe Am Bùrach tot stand kwam, zijn diepte van karakter onderscheidt zich met, rijk, fruitig en zoet in de neus, romige zoetheid en kruidige turfrook in de mond, eindigend in een finish van gedroogd fruit en citrus zoetheid. Een niet te missen single malt met slechts 10.550 flessen beschikbaar wereldwijd''.

Available worldwide from this week

The second of our Autumn releases comes in the form of a Fino Sherry Matured limited edition, our first global release of this cask type. The whisky has spent its full maturation in fino casks previously used by Bodega Miguel Martin in Spain, 11 fresh butts and 1 refill butt.  

This release follows on from other limited-edition expressions using experimental cask maturations from Kilchoman, full term maturations in port, madeira, sauternes, red wine and STR cask types, amongst others. This particular release is limited to just 10,500 bottles worldwide.

Our core range of whiskies include oloroso sherry in their maturation, a medium-dry style of sherry which gives our whiskies a range of cooked and dried fruit influence. Fino differs from this by being a drier, more saline type of sherry which gives Kilchoman whisky layers of fragrant green apple, balancing beautifully with the citrus sweetness, cooked fruits and maritime peat smoke of our spirit.

PX Sherry Cask Matured Release
MAY 3, 2021
This special edition, the second of our two Spring limited edition releases, is a combination of 33 casks, 9 only matured in Pedro Ximénez casks and 24 finished in PX casks for between 12 and 18 months. The 12,000 bottle release will be available from your local Kilchoman stockists around the world from this week.

Whilst we’ve released a number of Pedro Ximénez single casks over the years, this is the first time we’ve vatted multiple casks together for a global release. Anthony and Robin have spent many days in the warehouses tasting endless numbers of casks to find the perfect balance of character, constructing a whisky that showcases the rich sweet flavours of Pedro Ximénez sherry but also reflects the signature flavours of our 50ppm spirit.

“Pedro Ximénez casks aren’t always the easiest to work with. That was why we decided on a combination of full maturation and finishing, to balance the distinct PX influence with that of our spirit. I’m delighted with the result; big and bold but with a delightful poise and balance of flavour,” Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD

Having tasted numerous combinations, Anthony and Robin eventually settled on a vatting of roughly 2/3rds finished casks from 2013 and 1/3rd full maturation casks from 2015. The older casks have more layered depth of character compared to the big-hitting 2015 full maturation casks, combining the two produces the perfect balance of maritime smoke, citrus, berries and rich dark honey sweetness.

Anthony and Robin settled on a strength of 47.3% abv after tasting samples at various strengths. At 47.3% the whisky had more assertiveness and allowed for the natural citrus character of the Kilchoman spirit to shine through

The 2021 Club Release will be available exclusively to Club Members from Wednesday, December 8th at 2pm Islay time. Bottles can be purchased (on the 8th) by clicking on the link below.
The 10th Edition of the Club Release is a vatting of three 2008 oloroso sherry casks selected by Kilchoman Founder, Anthony Wills. The three hogsheads were vatted together and bottled at natural cask strength, 52.6%, producing a total of 807 bottles.
Available to purchase from 2pm (Islay time) on Wednesday, December 8th.

"These are some pretty special casks with quite a unique story. Originally the whisky was filled into oloroso sherry butts however I wasn't satisfied with their development so in 2016 I decided to decant the whisky into refill oloroso hogsheads.
Since being decanted, the whisky has come on beautifully and in my opinion these casks are at their absolute peak in terms of their depth of flavour. The influence of the sherry oak is certainly present however, it is subtle and rounded, the character coming through on the palate is fruity and layered, offset perfectly by typical Kilchoman freshness and citrus sweetness"
Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder

Bottles will be limited to one per person, priced at £114.90 per bottle (Inc VAT, 70cl, 52.6% abv). If you have any questions then please email, call (+44) 01496 85011 or contact us via our social media channels.

The Loch Gorm 2022 will not be available from our website but can be purchased from regular Kilchoman stockists around the world from this week. Please get in contact if you have any questions about finding a bottle near you.

100% Islay 12th Edition
The 100% Islay 12th Edition is available from this week. This release was distilled from our 2011, 2012 and 2013 barley harvests, consisting of publican barley variety, then matured in 29 bourbon barrels and 6 oloroso sherry butts for a minimum of 8 years.

From our inception, the 100% Islay range, Islay’s only Single Farm Single Malt, was our reason for being.  It represents the revival of traditional farm distilling; growing our own barley before malting, distilling, maturing and bottling every bottle of our 100% Islay range on site.

100% Islay in the barley field at Kilchoman Distillery

“It’s a lovely 100% Islay, rich and fruity on the nose then lots of citrus sweetness and tropical fruit on the palate with waves of peat smoke coming through on the finish,”

This year we have grown barley on a total of 138 acres. The harvest has begun and we are hoping for good weather to get this finished over the next week – we’ll keep you updated on our progress through our social media channels.

The 100% Islay 12th Edition will be available from Kilchoman stockists around the world from this week.  Please click here for more information about where to find a bottle.

Casado Limited Edition Release
OCTOBER 17, 2022
Our first-ever Casado release is now bottled and ready to launch worldwide!  Available from this week, the Casado release is another experimental maturation from the distillery.

Casado (Portuguese for marriage) is a limited edition bottling which was matured in fresh bourbon barrels for 6 years before 38 casks were selected and married together for 2 years in two 6,000 litre Portuguese red wine vats.

“The red wine marriage gives the whisky layers of red fruit and spices which complement the vanilla and butterscotch influence of the bourbon barrels beautifully,” Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder.

Experimenting and exploring different flavours throughout the whisky-making process is something we’re always doing here at Kilchoman.  In recent years barley variety and yeast influence have been discussed in depth but wood management remains a key part of any single malt.  Anthony had an idea, he wanted to try something out of the norm and purchase these 6,000 litre red wine vats at char level 2 and 3, each giving a slightly different impact on the whisky finishing inside, then marrying them together after a longer than usual finish.     

Machir Bay Cask Strength
NOVEMBER 21, 2022
Back by popular demand, the Machir Bay Cask Strength is set for it’s latest edition! With new look packaging, the cask strength release will be hitting shelves just in time for the cold winter nights.

Delayed from its scheduled release last year, the 2021 Machir Bay Cask Strength is finally here (in 2022). This limited edition is made using the same vatting recipe as our regular Machir Bay bottling however rather than reducing the strength to 46% abv we have released a limited number of bottles at cask strength; 58.3% abv. The higher abv allows for the quality and intensity of the Kilchoman spirit to shine.

“Machir Bay at cask strength has such intense flavours, the tropical fruit on the nose jumps out of the glass and the citrus sweetness on the palate is so concentrated and powerful. Cask strength whiskies are such a pure representation of a distillery and maturation, they are hard to beat.”
Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder.

50 PPM

Named after the famously dark, peaty loch overlooked by the distillery, our annual Loch Gorm limited edition is our only regular expression matured entirely in oloroso sherry casks.

For the 2023 Edition Anthony and Robin selected a total of 22 casks, 8 distilled in 2013, 6 distilled in 2014, and 8 distilled in 2015. This latest edition of Loch Gorm will be available from Kilchoman stockists around the world from this week (a little longer for those living far away from Scotland). Please contact us if you have any questions about where to find a bottle.
Nose: Hints of cacao with an essence of leather, black cherry and light smoke.
Palate: Roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate and roasted dark fruits give way to light ashy peat smoke.
Finish: Balanced and long with fresh Islay sea breeze.
Each cask was chosen for its unique flavour profile which, when combined together with the other 21 casks, create a beautiful balance of rich fruity character with layers of classic Kilchoman peat smoke and citrus sweetness.
“Rather than dominating, Loch Gorm’s oloroso maturation works in harmony with the natural character of Kilchoman. The 2023 release has a fantastic spectrum of flavour, from rich spices and macerated peaches to fresh citrus, ginger, orange zest and waves of salty peat smoke.”

What influence does peat have on Single Malt Whisky?
FEBRUARY 27, 2023
Scotland, and more precisely, Islay, has long been associated with producing heavily-peated styles of Single Malt whisky, but when does that renowned flavour and influence of peat smoke become part of the whisky making process and when is the PPM content measured?

If you are, or have been, fortunate enough to visit Kilchoman Distillery on Islay, you will see that to produce our 100% Islay releases, we’re able to not only grow our own barley on site at the farm surrounding the distillery but we’re unique in that we also malt our barley on site at the distillery using traditional floor maltings; this is a key part in being Islay’s Farm Distillery and ensuring that 100% of the process is carried out at the distillery, on Islay.

The peated malt used to create our iconic whiskies – whether it be using our traditional floor maltings at the distillery or barley that we purchase from the commercial maltings – the concept is the same; we want to steep, germinate, and kiln the grains of barley in order for them to record a parts per million (PPM) content. You can read more about our malt floor and what goes on, here.

Often, the assumption is that the PPM is measured in the final spirit however as an industry standard, it is measured in the malted barley. This allows for a level of consistency across all producers as multiple factors throughout the production can reduce the PPM total in the bottled spirit. For Kilchoman, this can be tested on site at the distillery however we will send samples of the malted barley to a third party whereby the malt will be analysed for quality and control purposes.

Once steeping and germination on our malt floor have taken place and the distillery team are happy with the quality of grain, kilning is used to stop further germination ensuring we capture the necessary starches required to eventually convert to alcohol during fermentation. It is at this stage that we use peat to influence our malt, producing a distinct ‘smoky’ aroma and taste. Kilning is the point at which our barley is spread out evenly on a mesh floor in the upper part of the kiln, 5 meters above the peat fire. Hand cut Islay peat will be burned on the fire below, allowing the peat smoke to rise and immerse itself into the green malt.

Temperature, airflow, and time are all important factors considered when determining the final PPM as they all have an effect on the overall influence on the malt. A distiller, at this point, can specify the peating level they require.

To aid consistency, at Kilchoman for our 100% Islay Edition, we burn hand cut, Islay peat under controlled conditions for 15 hours. This in turn results in a phenolic level of 20PPM (approx.). Our 50ppm malt is ultimately held under these conditions for a longer period of time, resulting in a higher PPM figure. Increasing the final PPM figure of malt is achieved by lengthening the amount of time the malt spends under the conditions provided by the kilning phase, balancing the temperature, moisture content and the level of smoke being created by the quantity of peat used as well as the rate of burning of the peat. It is important to note that if we were to use warm air (rather than peat) in the kilning process, this would create an unpeated whisky.

So, does the source of the peat influence the whisky? Each part of the whisky making process has an impact on the final flavour created and the source of the peat is no different. For example, if we were to test highland peat against Islay peat, both would affect the malt profile drastically. At Kilchoman, it’s important that we produce peated malt using peat only from Islay. For our 100% Islay edition, our peat is sourced from a nearby peat bank, managed by Derek Scott, Bottling Hall Manager, while our commercial malt uses peat from the east side of Islay, near Port Ellen resulting in two styles of peated spirit (20PPM and 50PPM). Derek and James take a walk through the malting and peating process here.

How does all this impact our whisky that’s being tasted around the world? Often during tastings, you will hear the speaker discuss the smoky and peaty characteristics found within the whisky (if it’s a peated malt) but both profiles can be individually defined. It’s easier to note the profile of smoke than it is peat, whether that be through nosing or tasting. Below are a few typical notes to look for:

Smoky – dry/wet smoke, bonfire smoke, woody and ashy
Peaty – medicinal (TCP, iodine, tar, seaweed), sulphur and mossy/earthy soil
A mix of the above is possible and when it comes to what you taste, it’s completely individual. Focussing on Kilchoman Single Malt, our aim is to continue producing a classic Islay heavily peated malt but with an elegant balance allowing for notes from the malt, fermentation, distillation, and cask type to play a significant part in the final product.

Something special has arrived in time for winter – The Kilchoman 16 Years Old! A proud moment for all at the distillery as we release our oldest global bottling to date. Anthony and Robin have spent the last few years keeping a close eye on these early casks, waiting for the right moment to vat them together and form our momentous Kilchoman 16 Years Old. They eventually settled on a combination of 21 casks, predominantly ex-bourbon barrels with a hint of ex-oloroso sherry, creating a perfectly balanced single malt.
The Kilchoman 16 Years Old is available from stockists around the world from this week, but, as usual, it may take a little longer to reach those further away from Scotland. Please contact us if you have any questions about where to find a bottle.


Nose: Delightfully rich with a creamy citrus sweetness and layers of cooked apples, pears, plums and nutmeg.

Palate: A masterful balance of festive spices, fresh vanilla, tropical fruit and smouldering peat smoke.

Finish: Dried mango and apricots with bbq smoke and lasting mouth-coating honey sweetness.

“This is a landmark release for the distillery, the oldest global bottling we have done to date at 16 years of age. I look forward to Kilchoman fans around the world tasting this outstanding whisky and experience the evolving character of our single malt.”

A Bottle From Cask No.1 sells for £15,000 in auction

We are delighted to have taken part in the Distillers One of One Auction for the second time. Our bottle, “Cask No.1”, from the first cask the distillery ever filled, offered a unique opportunity to own a remarkable piece of Kilchoman history and sold for a total of £15,000. Hammer proceeds of 1.8 million from yesterday’s auction will primarily benefit …

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PX Sherry Cask Matured Release

We first released a PX influenced bottling in 2021, a combination of full maturation and finished casks, the latest edition is exclusively made up of full maturation casks. Our PX Sherry Cask Matured limited edition has been matured for a minimum of five years in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks previously used by Bodega José y Miguel Martin, Jerez, Spain. …

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