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Burn O'Bennie

Burnobennie also see Deeside

In 2017 Mike Bain started a very small experimental craft distillery in Banchory, Deeside it worked for 18 months and was closed

part of the Deeside Brewery in Locton of Leys and was intended as an experimental place to trye some ideas to use it later in practise
!00 casks were filled, 88 sold to help finance the new distillery, 12 will be matured for at leats 10 years.

In 2019 Mark Bain with Liam Pennycook formerly from Strathearn distillery moved to a bussiness park there started in 2019 the new
distillery designed also for beer and rye wash, with a 5000 Ltrs was still and a 3600 Ltrs sprit still. The malts are used in the brewing
industrie: crystal-, choclate- and also bere barley and all the malt is biodynamically grown from two farms in the neighbourhood.

Capacity 680.000 Ltrs, a Wash still is 5000 Ltrs, the Spirit still is 3600 Ltrs and within two years ll the malt biodynamically grown will
come from only two farms
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