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Glen Garioch

geen leeftijd vermelding  
geen vermelding van het alcohol percentage
Glen Garioch Distillery, Old Meldrum

Herfst 1997 toeren Carine en Norbert Koreman van het schitterende Belgische tijdschrift Culinaire Saisonnier dor dit deel van Scotland.
Ze zijn er eigenlijk om een reportage te maken van de beroemde Black Angus runderen van Donald Russel.
Ze rijden bij toeval het gehucht Old Meidrum binnen, de stokerij funktioneert niet meer en de arbeidershuisjes zijn dicht gespijkerd en verlaten.
Dan, als uit het niets, is er een man in kilt tevoorschijn gekomen, die spon¬taan een rondleiding aanbiedt.
De rondleiding die uren duurt door de niet meer producerende distilleerderij wordt afgesloten met een dram in het oude kantoor.
De naam van de man is Ian Fife en het klikt tussen Carine en Norbert Koreman en deze Ian Fife, en als ze weer vertrekken krijgen ze een fles aangeboden wat de allerlaatste stook van Glen Garioch blijkt te zijn
Een jaar later tijdens de jaarlijkse Nosing & Tasting in Het Kompas op Texel, krijgt Willem Ham deze fles om te bewaren !
Dit is dus nog geen whisky, maar spirit.

8 years old
40 %            
Last Bottle and empty
Glen Garioch Distillery, Old Meldrum,
Aberdeenshire (gebotteld vóór 1980)

8 years old
43 %           
Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum

The Glen Garioch Distillery, established in the year 1797, takes his name from the cele¬brated Valley of the Garioch - often called 'The Granary of Aberdeenshire' and traditionally one of the finest barley growing areas in Scotland. Located in the interresting and historical market town of Old Meldrum, the Distillery is one of the oldest of the Highland Malt Distilleries.

8 years old
43 %                  
Distilled 1984
Bottled: 1992
Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum

21 years old
43 %                   
Distilled  1965
Bottled: 1986
Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum,

15 years old
43 %
LAST  BOTTLE  AND  EMPTY                  
Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum,

geen leeftijd vermelding
Bottled: 2001
Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum,

10 years old
40 %         
Bottled: 2002
Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire

Glen Garioch Distillery is situated in the Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum in the Scottish Highlands. Established in 1797 Glen Garioch produces a whisky which will charm any palate with its sweet, malty and floral character.
Tasting notes:
Golden syrup in colour with a light medium body. Dry and malty with hints of violet. Exceptionally smooth finish for a young Highland malt whisky.

16 years old
46 %           
Single Speyside Malt
Distilled 28/10/88
Bottled 27/6/05
Matured  in a sherry hogshead
Cask no.  41.08
Numbered Bottles
Natural Colour
Non Chillfiltered
The Ultimate Whisky Company, N.L.

10 years old
46 %            
Cask Ref: W 0 407
Cask Type: Bourbon /Pinot Noir
Bottled: 1993
Invigorated by Leroy's Grand Cru
Romanée St. Vivant
Non Chillfiltered
Caramel Free
Islay Bottled
'Clachan A Choin'
Murray McDavid Ltd, Islay      

16 years old
54,4 %         
Distilled 18 April  1988
Bottled 22 April 2004
Cask  1550
Cask Strenght
Unchill filtered
280 numbered Bottles
Usquebauch Society
Nederlandse Scotch Malt Whisky Vereniging

Glen Garioch is een sterk onderschatte whisky.
Dit is een toonbeeld van balans tussen verschillende smaakinvloeden
Zacht van smaak, maar toch sterk van karakter. Bloemen en fruit in de neus en op de tong, maar ook rook en turf. De neus is nog iets verlegen, maar de smaak (na toevoeging van water) en afdronk zijn groots.

De Usquebauch Society is een vereniging van whiskyliefhebbers. Deze whisky is speciaal voor hen geselcteerd en gebotteld.

18 years old
48,1 %         
Date distilled May 79
Date bottled Sept 97
Society Cask No. code 19.15
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,
The Vaults, Leith, Edinburgh
'Clove oil and smoke in port'

Near Old Meldrum in Aberdeenshire this distillery can sat its history back at least two hundred years. Having spent most of his life in a good Bourbon cask.
This whisky was rudely interrupted from its slumbers by The Society in 1995 and racked into a port cask. This has given a pinky redly, almost artificial colour.

The nose is quite curious, germolene, burnt (smoky) toffee, cloves and peat for which older examples of this distillery are famous. The taste gives a deep glow with an after-taste of sloe gin. Good for coughs.

31 years old
55,2 %         
Date distilled Mar 67
Date bottled Sept 98
Society Cask No. code 19.23
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,
The Vaults, Leith, Aberdeenshire
"Rum and raisin ice cream"

Discovered near Old Meldrum village among some of the richest earth in Aberdeenshire, this ancient distillery (found 1798) has been sporadic in its operations and has been mothballed since 1995.

This venerable cask combines ripe old age - Old Malmsey, po¬lished mahogany, well worn leather armchairs, woodsmoke and a light carbolic note with something cool and creamy, rum and raisin ice cream.
A drop of water brings some pine logs to the party and these woody notes come over in the flavour, which is at once profound and stimulating.

36 years old  
55,5 %            
Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distilled 1967
Bottled 2003
Limited Edition
Bottled at Natural Cask Strenght
Traditionally Un - Chill Filtered
132 Bottles Filled from The Cask
Genummerde flessen
Offered with pride from
Douglas Laing & Co, Ltd, Glasgow
Certificate of Authenticity

This Certificate confirms age, provenance and quality of the enclosed bottle of ourOld & Rare PLATINUM SELECTION Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Distilled at Glen Garioch Dis-tillery, Aged 36 years, bottled at Natural Cask Strenght.

Douglas Laing & Co, proudly offer this fine example of the Distiller's art as a special selec¬tion from our oldest stocks of Whisky. No water is added to reduce its strenght, as the angel's share has already taken care of that. No caramel colouring is added so that you can see its pure and natural colour.

We have chosen to bottle this Malt without chill-filtration in the traditional style which does not remove nose, proteins and important taste factor's - again as we prefer the full, natural resonance of the original Malt Whisky to come through in all its elements. As you can see on the label of this bottle, it is a very resticted offering which when consumed is unrepeatable.

Tasting Notes: Light gold in colour, its tingling pepperiness on the nose is softened by a little aromatic wood smoke. The full body carries a big sweet-and-dry palate of honey, heatheriness, sultanas, syrup and that same smokiness. It all leads to a long smoky finish, spicy, fragrant and warming.

Fred H. Laing Director of Malts.

Aged 12 years
43 %             
Morriosn's Glen Garioch Distillery,
Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire

Glen Garioch Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been bottled exclusively for The National Trust for Scotland offering a unique opportunity to sample a truly traditional Single Malt Whisky.
Established in 1797, Glen Garioch Distillery is Scotland's most easterly distillery and is situated in the Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum, near to the Trust's ancient Fyvie Castle.
The National Trust for Scotland, founded in 1931, is the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage

16 years old
46 %                                   
Single Speyside Malt
Distilled; 09/04/90
Matured in a hogshead
Cask no. 2747
Bottled: 14/03/07
Numbered Bottles
Natural Colour
Non Chillfiltered
The Ultimate Whisky Company, NL

16 years old
45 %                               
Highland Single Malt Whisky
Distilled July 1993
Cask No. 779
Cask Type First Fill Sherry Butt
Bottled April 2008-11-05                                     
Limited Edition
860 Bottles
Gordon & Macphail, Elgin  

Kleur: koper
Neus: als Cognac, rood fruit, herfstgeuren
Smaak; rozijnen, mooi zoetje, oude Cognac, fruit
Finish: Lang, pure choclade

Heel krachtige Glen Garioch, gerijpt in een heel goed sherry vat

Aged 20 years   
53,4 %                           
Distilled October 1988
Cask Type: Refill Hogshead
1 of only 251 bottles
Society Single Cask No: 19.44
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults
Leith, Edinburgh
Old Granddad Whisky

The rich nose induces euphoria with rum and raisin, plum, tobacco and leather notes. Water
brings out vanilla, sandalwood and menthol. The palate has caramel, treacle, dandelions,
geraniums, coffee, chocolate and rich tobacco with a hint of smoke. Wonderfully complex

We, the Tasting Panel, verify that the Scotch Malt Whisky inside this bottle has been passed
under some of the most scrupulous noses in the world and approved for release as a Society
bottling. Only single cask whiskies that promise to intrigue, entertain and delight our members
are selected, true to our motto: “To leave no nose upturned”

The nose haf fruit (raspberries, plums) and rum and raisin ice – cream, but the Angel was
comforted by the  manly scent of “someone’s granddad – pipe tobacco and a cardigan with
leather pathches” The palate had dandelions, geraniums, caramel and plums; treacle, smoke
and eucalyptus . “Very complex,”the whisky creator said, “just keeps on giving”We were in
no hurry to add water – but we did – and the nose had vanilla, mint, choclate, sandalwood
and menthol cigarettes; rich and euphoria – inducing. The palate lived up to the promise,
with iced coffee, chocolate and loads of tobacco. This Old Meldrum distillery once had green-

GLEN  GARIOCH              
1 9 9 0                                                          
17 years old  
46 %
Distilled: 06/04/90
Matured in a Bourbon Barrel
Cask no: 2690
Bottled 27/02/08
Numbered Bottles
The Ultimate Whisky Company, Amersfoort

Aged 21 years
52.7 %
Distilled October 1988
Cask type: Refill Hogshead / ex Bourbon
Society Single Cask: 19.46
Outturn 250 bottles
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,
The Vaults, Leith, Edinburgh
"Handbags and ironing boards"

We the Tasting Panel, verify that the Scotch Malt Whisky inside the bottle has been
Passed under some of the most scrupulous noses in the world and approved for release
as a Society bottling. Only single cask whiskies that promise to intrigue, entertain and
delight our members are selected, true to our motto”To leave no nose upturned”.

The nose wafts floral perfumes, tea, honey, toffee and subtle smoke; it also has vanilla
pear, liquorice and oak. The palate resembles banana toffees from a handbag with coco-
nut, spice and lolly sticks; then later – Liquorice Allsorts and steamed linen.

The nose wafted intense floral perfume, with suggestions of dry tea, then a sweet
stickiness, like honey and toffee ( we also found milk chews and foamy bananas), ten-
drills of smoke trailed behind. The palate was quite mouthwatering, like banana toffees
in a lady’s handbag 9i.e. impregnated with perfume) We also got spice (clove, nutmeg)
coconut and a woody aftertaste, like chewing a banana ice – lolly stick. The reduced
nose had vanilla liquorice and Williams pear schnapps, matured in oak.The reduced
palate combined liquorice allsorts with the steam from ironing white linen. A rather
unusual dram from the Old Meldrum distillery

Aged  [ 12 ] years
Valley of The Garioch,
The Granery of Aberdeenshire
Non Chill - Filtered
Glen Garioch Distillers, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire

Fresh heather, rich poached pearsand the sweetest of malted barley, crème brulee, sweet ripe
fruit and just a hint of oak give the Glen garioch a long and memorable finish.

The location chosen by John & Alexander Manson for their new malt whisky distillery in 1797 was an obvious one, oldmeldrum in the celebrated valley of the garioch was named
the “Granery of Aberdeenshire, famous for producing the finest golden barley in all of
Scotland, steeped in legacy and narrative; Glen Garioch pronounced Geery in the ancient
doric dialect of aberdeenshire is evocative of the Scottish highlands. Culturally distinct
influenced by tradition and over 200 years of history.

25  years  
54,6 %    
VINTAGE 1 9 8 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
SMALL  BATCH  RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
JOHN  &  ALEXANDER  MANSON                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
DISTILLERY  FOUNDERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
HIGHLAND  SINGLE  MALT                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
SCOTCH  WHISKY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
A rare cask strength Non chill - filtered                                                                                                                                                                                                          
single malt whisky                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Small batch release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Distilled 1986                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Matured exclusively in North American Oak  
Bottled 2011                                                                                                                                                                               
Batch No: 11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Distilled and Bottled in Scotland by                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Glen Garioch Distillers, Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Tasting Notes: Smooth velvet like cream and coconut peak. The senses from the nose
turning to woodspice, pungent peat smoke with a medley of sweet juicy pears and
ripe bananas on the palate. A hardy yet refined Highland malt.

VINTAGE  1 9 9 0
23 years old  
46 %                                    
SCOTCH  WHISKY              
Highland Single Malt
Distilled: 09/04/90
Matured in Hogshead
Cask no: 2760
Bottled: 20/09/13
328 Numbered Bottles
Natural Colour
Non Chillfiltering
Selected by The Ultimate Whisky Company.NL

VINTAGE  1 9 9 4
53.9 %                        
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distilled 1994
Bottled 2011
Batch No. 32
Matured in North American Oak barrels
Cask Strenght
Non Chill Filtered
Distilled and Bottled in Scotland
by Glen Garioch Distillers,
Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire
Tasting Notes: Toffee and demerara sugar give way to a floral freshness of Springtome, Highland heather, finishing with lasting yet subtle warm smoking embers.
Glen Garioch pronounced Geery in the ancient Doric dialect of Aberdeenshire.

31 / 05 / 2011
Glen Garioch launches peated whisky bottled before distillery was moth – balled.

It is the latest  and third small batch vintage expression and was laid down just
before the distillery was moth - balled. for two years in 1995, making it one of the
last opportunities to sample old Glen Garioch’s smoky Highland essence.

Only 1000 8,4 L cases are bottled.

Glen Garioch stopped using peat and their own malting when the distillery reopened in 1997 making this a rare vintage.

Established 1797
VINTAGE  1 9 9 7
15 years  
56.7 %                           
Single Malt Scotch Whisky
A rare, cask strength
non chill filtration single malt whisky
Travel Exclusive
Distilled; 1997
Bottled 2012
BATCH  No 1 2
A  JUICY and mouthwatering  with a creamy mouthcoating
texture, spiced pear crumble , ripe banana and toffee are
followed by honeydew melon ground nutmeg and allspice.
This vintage whisky has been selected from spirit distilled
at the start up of production in 1997.

Prior to this, the distillery had been silent for two years.
To craft this  SMALL  BATCH  RELEASE a combination of
1st and 2nd fill ex bourbon barrels were selected to create
this vintage, showcasing the fresh fruit tastes and soft
creamy textures, characteristic of Glen Garioch's house style.
This vintage set the standards for the Glen Garioch range.
Distilled and Bottled in Scotland by
Glen Garioch Distillers
Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire.

The location chosen by John & Alexander Manson for their new                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
malt whisky distillery in 1797 was a obvious  one. Old Meldrum
in the celebrated valley of the Garioch pronounced 'Geery' in the
ancient Doric dialect of Aberdeenshire, is evocative of the Scottish
highlands culturally distinct, influenced by tradition and over 200
years of history.

Aged  21 years
52.3 %                                              
SINGLE  MALT  SCOTCH                                             
WHISKY  FROM  A  SINGLE  CASK                                             
Society Single Cask No: 19.49                                              
Distilled October 1990                                             
Cask Type: Refill Hogshead / Ex Bourbon                                              
Outturn: 264 Bottles                                             
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,                                             
The Vaults, Leith, Edinburgh                                              
“Salty toffee on a carpenter’s work bench”

We, the Tasting Panel, verify that the Scotch Malt Whisky inside this bottle has been
passed under some of the most scrupulous noses in the world and approved for re-
lease as a Society bottling.

Only single cask whiskies that prmise to intrigue, entertain and delight our members
are selected, true to our motto ‘To leave no nose upturned’

The nose has faint wood glue, chestnuts, liquorice and confectionary (chocolate oran-
ge,  barley sugar, toffee apples).

Water brings salty toffee on a carpenter’s workbench.

The chewy palate balances flavours of sweetness (honey, maple candy) and warm
spice ( gingerbread, clove, aniseed).

The nose hinted at P V A glue in a joiner’s tool – box; then chestnuts, liquorice, raisins
and  lots of confectionary ( toffee crisp, chocolate orange, barley sugar, rhubarb and
custard sweets), before turning even more aromatic, with cherries and toffee apples.

The palate had a lovely chewy texture, with some mild ginger spice complementing
brown  sugar and maple candy sweetness.

The reduced nose had maple syrup and salty toffee on a carpenter’s work – bench
(sandpaper, plywood, balsa wood).

The reduced palate was now a very moreish combination of honey and Crunchie bars
with warm spices (gingerbread, clove, aniseed).

The distillery sits in Old Meldrum.                                                                                                  

De Vintage 1995 was het laatste distillaat, waarvan de gemoute gerst uit de eigen
distilleerderij kwam.

Voor de sluiting in 1995 was de gemoute gerst 8 ppm. Na de heropening in 1996
werd de gerst niet meer geturfrookt.

Glen Garioch heeft 2 spirit stills van respectievelijk 11.000 liter en 14.000 liter en
één wash still van 25.000 liter


The Eastern Highlands


The Hidden Gem


Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire. Licentiehouder en eigenaar Morrison's Glen Garioch Distillery Ltd.

Gesticht door Ingram, Lamb & Co in 1797, was de eerste distillateur John Manson. In 1840 kocht J.F. Thomson & Co te Leith, de distilleerderij. In 1886 was William Sanderson, de blender van Vat 69, medeeigenaar van Glen Garioch. William Sanderson overleed in 1908 en zijn zoon volgde hem op. Sanderson ging in1935 samen met Booth Distilleries, gin producenten. In 1937wordt Glen Garioch overgenomen door de Distillers Company Ltd. (D.C.L.).

In 1968 werd Glen Garioch gesloten wegens een tekort aan water. In 1970 koopt Stanley P. Morrison te Glasgow de distilleerderij en door een nieuwe waterbron aan te boren, en de warmte die vrijkomt bij het
distillatieproces te gebruiken voor het verwarmen van kassen waarin komkommers, tomaten en cyclames worden geteeld en de uitstekende kwaliteit van de whisky, wordt de distilleerderij een succes.

In 1970 wordt Glen Garioch gesloten en wordt te koop aangeboden In 1992 is er sprake, dat een consortium onder de leiding van de toenmalige manager van Springbank, John McDougall, Glen Garioch zou overnemen voor £ 2.25 miljoen. Maar dit ging niet door,

November 1997 wordt Glen Garioch weer opgestart. Als reden wordt opgegeven: 'verplichtingen tegenover de lokale bevolking en sterke groei van de afzet'.

Dit gebied is van oudsher de gerststreek van dit deel van Schotland. De turf komt van Piligo Moss. Glen Garioch heeft een vloermouterij.De mouterijen dateren uit 1905 en iedere week wordt er 56 ton gerst geweekt en verwerkt tot 47,5 ton mout.
De distilleerderij maakt 29 mashes (beslag) van 3.72 ton per week. Hiervoor is de eigen mout niet genoeg, meer dan de helft wordt bij gekocht. De kilns worden met gas gestookt en de gebruikte turf dient slechts als aroma en niet voor verhitting.

Het maken van het beslag (mashing) duurt vijf uur. Er zijn negen fermenters één grote van hout en acht kleinere van hout, waarin de gist handmatig wordt verdeeld. Dit proces duurt 42 uur.
Er zijn twee wash - stills, één van 5000 liter, één van 25 liter en twee spirit stills van elk 2400 liter.
Het distillatieproces duurt acht uur.De maximum kapaciteit is 1,8 miljoen liter spirit per jaar. Het bedrijf telt 16 werknemers.
De whisky wordt gelagerd in sherry vaten, waarvan er ongeveer 16000 in voorraad zijn.

The location chosen in 1794 by John and Alexander Manson for their new distillery was
an abvious one.

Old Meldrum lay at one end of the Valley of the Garioch, Geery in the ancient Doric
dialect of Aberdeenshire.

The Valley with the beautiful vieuws towards Bennachie, was claimed to grow the finest
barley in Scotland. John and his younger brother Alexander realised that there was a clear
advantage in setting up production in a small glen alongside a peaceful track that led to
the rutted Aberdeen - Banff road. They already owned a small unused tannery with his
own water supply from nearby Parcock Hills.The building had an ideal position on the
very edge of the little town and made access for ox carts much easier.

The first proven evidence comes from the rev. Thomas Tait, who recorded in his 'Statical
Account of Meldrum of 1794' that there existed a distillery and brewery, lately established
in it, and both are in a thriving way.

The Manson family came originally from Caithness but had been settled in the Garioch valley
for some generations, becoming prosperous farmers and merchants, specialising as tanners.

The first indication of any involvement with alcoholic drinks is found before the existence of
the distillery; on the gravestone of Alexander Manson in Bourtie churchyard. It reads:

Alex Manson vintner in Old Meldrum, who lived a honest credible(e) life, who died 10th Oc-
tober 1765, aged 65.

John Manson at the age of 32 appears to have taken charge of the new Glengarioch distillery
with brother Alexander, just 24, as a partner. On the site of the old tannery they constructed
a brewery and a small distillery. No doubt they sold some of their early whisky production
to local inns and merchants but it must be remembered that all the trade was in casks and so
increasingly Glen Garioch malt whisky was sent to Aberdeen on wagons for purchase by wholesalers
and blenders. Whilst on a number of occasions survival has been a real struggle
for Glen Garioch it shouldn't  be overlooked that the much more substantial Bridge of Don
distillery at Aberdeen was founded in 1794 - the same year asGlen Garioch - but went into
liquidation within 12 months

Confusion about the early ownership of the distillery has been thrown into some confusion
by the involvement of two men with the name of John Manson.

The Manson family was fairly large with different branches. Some were found in Caithness
where hundreds of them existed, in Orkney and Shetland and other branches blossomed else-
where. John is an extremely common Christian name and this was merely the case of a father
and son. The key evidence comes from Alexander Manson of Old Meldrum, a direct descen-
dant of both Johns     
It is a list of assets drawn up by the first John, the joint founder of the distillery, in 1838,
the 76th and last year of his life. The account indentifies a loan he made to his son John
Manson Junr Glengarioch Distillery 1,400 Pounds

The first John Manson lived from 1767 - 1838. He was a local merchant when he and his
brother Alexander built the distillery and in the second year he confronted his first major
challenge when in September 1795, the Government issued a one month ban on distilling
due to a shortage of barley

His younger brother Alexander Manson, long before churches and chapels became entwined
in the Temperance Movement, served Old Meldrum Free Church as an elder for 34 years and
the current Alexander Manson is custodian of an illuminated scroll testifying to his ancestor's
good service and outstanding character.

John Manson Junr was born in 1804 and through property purchase became the Laird of Fingask.
He was an extremely busy and prosperous man: he ran Oakhill farm, was a mana-
ger of the Linen Bank in Old Meldrum and also maintained his interests in leather produc-
tion, the ownership of a snuff factory, brewing and distilling

John Mansion Junr married Elizabeth Livingstone, a cousin of the great explorer David
Livingstone. Their second child Patrick (1845 - 1922), later Sir Patrick Manson, is wide-
ly recognised as 'The Father of Tropical Medicine', for it is recorded that he was the first
person to indentify malaria, earning him the nickname Mosquito Manson. He is also remem-
bered as the Founder of the London School of Tropical Medicine in 1899. A plaqueon the
garden wall of the house in Old Meldrum, called Cromlet Hill, records his birth.

When he died in 1922 there was a memorial service in London's St. Paul's Cathedral, where
Winston Churchil, then Home Secretary, provided a tribute. He was interred the next day
in Allenvale cemetery, Aberdeen.

Two of the most influential owners of the Glen Garioch distillery were the whisky baron
William Sanderson and his son William Mark Sanderson.

They were long - term investors in the distillery. William Sanderson (1839 - 1908) pur-
chased a 50 % interest in J.G. Thomson & Co, who owned the distillery in 1886.
This was just 12 months before the opening of the massive multiownership North British
grain distillery. Glen Garioch offered hum top quality malt whisky to blend with the grain
whisky that he purchased from North British
In 1886, with the distillery manager Jimmy Shand busily conducting his band of 12 men,
the future of Glen Garioch showed reasonable promise. Jimmy Shand was the manager
for most of the William Sanderson era. He enjoyed the life of the gentry. He had began
working life as a humble gardener at Meldrum House but his conditions were to change.
He joined the distillery staff and as a talented man, was steadily promoted to manager.
He then lived next door to the distillery in the substantialGlengarioch House and de-
lighted in an arrangement that junior distillery workers should tend his garden.

In this period the distillery team hadfurther spade work, because they were digging the
local  peat, before drying it in blocks to peat the barley.

The men loved Jim and would do anything for him, especially after he introduced a small
pig farm in the distillery grounds. The pigs were fed on the pot ale and became very tasty
indeed. In 1897 The Royal Northern Agricultural Society awarded a 'silver medal for the
best boar to J.F. Thompson & Co Glen Garioch Distillery

The Meldrum & Bourtie Heritage Society later reported that Glen Garioch

As the 20th century began, blended Scotch whisky was steadily increasing in international
popularity, Glen Garioch, sometimes spelled Glengarioch, was having a comfortable run
but as 1914 arrived so did the First World War. The younger men all headed for military
service but it seems that the older men maintained some low volume production.

Jimmy Sand, who was far too old to fight, took careful control of the distillery's farming
activities to ensure that all the connected families could eat meat and drink milk.

Jimmy Sand is known to have been manager in 1886 and served until, (it is believed) he
Retired in 1918 aged 73 years. Aided by the odd wee dram he lived until he was 93.

Eventually in 1921, with international demand for the Sanderson - owned V A T 69, nick-
named the Pope's telephone number, increasing steadily, William Mark Sanderson and
some colleagues acquired the balance 50 % . Glen Garioch was then blended, not just in
V A T 69 but into 2 supposed daily whiskies, a blend for morning drinking called A M
and for post meridian drinking called P M.

Notable amongst his co - directors was Archibald A. Crawford whose famous Crawford's
3  S T A R  Whisky also contained generous volumes of Glen Garioch

William Mark Sanderson had gambled on the massive U S market, despite several years
of declining sales, influenced by the looming threat of Prohibition.

When it finally arrived on January 1st 1920, like many of the whisky barons he thought
it would be a short - lived affair and so he persuaded his co - directors to purchase the
remaining 50 % of Glen Garioch.

It was a crucial mistake of expanding at the wrong time. The early years of Prohibition
proved extremely difficult and his decision had disastrous results.
A disappointed old man, he and his partners sold out in1933, the very year Prohibition
finished !

Scottish Malt Distillers Limited, (S.M.D.) purchased Glen Garioch in 1937, the same year
that S.M.D. was amalgamated with the Distillers Company Limited, D.C.L.

Its purchase of Glen Garioch was in order to source more malt whisky for the massive de-
mands  of the various D.C.L. blended whiskies.

Within 2 years the Second World War had arrived and the production of Scotch whisky was
suspended. As with many other distilleries several of theGlen Garioch buildings were
commandeered for billeting soldiers

Scottish Malt Distillers Limited was never happy with the limited volume of production at
Glen Garioch. The problem was that the spring on Percock Hills was simply too small.

The company's directors must have dreamed of finding other suitable water supplies but see-
med  to have no real knowledge of the locality, or of Old Meldrum people and perhaps didn't
know their work force well enough.

The distillery's 10.000 gallons per annum just wasn't sufficient for Distillers Company Limited's
giant thirst and so in 1968 Glen Garioch was put up for sale.

Stanley Morrison was a very shrewed man and in 1970 he bought the Glen Garioch distillery
through his company Stanley P. Morrison Ltd for the realistic price of 150.000 Pounds

He soon re - started production on the same small volume but was quite determined to find
an additional water source to expand the distillery

In 1972 he appointed the likeable Joe Hughes as distillery manager. Part of Joe Hughes's task
was to find another water source but before he could begin searching, his hand was forced by
pollution. One day he walked into the distillery and smelt silage. In fact he said you could smell
silage everywhere. He quickly realised that it was coming from the water supply and
strode up the Percock Hills to inspect the source, only to find it seriously polluted by an ac-
cidental release of silage water caused by a neighbouring farmer.

He then approached another farmer in the locality called Eddie Booth to ask if he had some land at
Coutens Farm that might provide the answer. Eddie Booth replied that there was a
field with some potential but that Glen Garioch had better be quick because he would start
planting it in a month.

Joe Hughes turned to a local contractor Alec Digger Grant, for help. He has earned his nick-
name because he owned a J C B. The pair quickly began work and the rest is history.
They found what might be called the ' Silent Spring of Coutens Farm', for it couldn't be
seen or heard, but it flowed in sufficient abundance to be piped to the distillery with the
result that production increased ten fold to 100.000 gallons per annum.

Joe Hughes later made the understatement 'I don't think that Scottish Malt Distillers Limited,
(S.M.D.) were very pleased when they heard about it.

1972 was a year to remember for another reason. Glen Garioch was bottled by the distillery
as a Single Malt Whisky for the very first time and soon, proudly displaying its own label,
it found its way onto the retail shelves and bars.

Canny Scots are always looking at ways of being financially efficient and this talent led to the
famous Glen Garioch Greenhouse Project.

It was an era when several distilleries attempted to make use of waste heat in different ways.
One chose the rearing of eels and another bred trout, whileGlen Garioch decided upon using
its waste heat for the greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and geraniums.

The idea was the brainchild of Stanley P. Morrison Ltd's production director Alistair F. Ross
and distillery manager Joe Hughes, but they were soon supported by 2 other enthusiastic ta-
lents - B B C  Scotland T V Beechgrove Garden presenter Jim McColl and Morrison's chief
engineer Harry Cockburn

Late in 1977 the distillery successfully applied for planning permission for the project and over a period
constructed glasshouses and poly tunnels for tomatoes and flowers; later another
glasshouse was added to cultivate potted plants.

The tomatoes soon proved popular and in addition peppers, aubergines and a few cucumbers were grown.
Tulips sold quickly initially but interest soon faded away. The intention was not
necessarily to make a fortune but to be efficient and environmentally friendly.

In December 1978, just as the operation was beginning to run smoothly, Joe Hughes was
transferred to Glen Garioch's sister distillery Bowmore on the island of Islay.

He was replaced by Willie McNeil who was a whisky traditionalist and to put it politely
was 'not enthusiastic'about the project. Also Alistair Ross and Harry Cockburn had be-
come diverted by other whisky production priorities elsewhere and Jim McColl who already
acted as consultant manager and publicist, was left carrying the scheme largely on his own
Despite those problems it attracted national and international attention. The Glen Garioch
Greenhouse project was featured on B B C  T V's Tomorrow's World. Then in 1982 Glen
Garioch was cjosen to be part of the British Pavilion at the World Fair in Knoxville, Ten-
nessee. In 1988 Glen Garioch displayed a mini - distillery and glasshouse at the Glasgow
Garden Festival, which were visited by Prince Charles and Princess Diana and by then Prime
Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Another factor in the failure of the scheme was that Glen Garioch was a malt whisky distil-
lery and not a fruit and vegetables sales organisation and the marketing of the produce was
problematic. To start with tomato sales were quite promising but marketing the flowers
quickly caused problems. One of the biggest difficulties was calculating an annual produc-
tion cycle to keep cash flow running. An additional idea was to plant 2 acres of raspberries
in an adjacent field but while it filled a small cap, it was well away from the original prin-
cipe. Subsequently the project was closed down in 1993.

saw the purchase of Glen Garioch by
Suntory Ltd.
The Japanese whisky bysiness was -
at the time - by far the largest customer
of the small
malt distillery, purchasing around
50 % of annual production
brought an unexpected decision to
close the distillery but in 1977 this
was rescinded
with the ownership being transferred to
Morrison Bowmore Ltd, which company is
wholly owned by Suntory Ltd.

From: Dr. Patrick Brossard"Glen Garioch
The Manson Distillery,
A Hidden Gem in Aberdeenshire
Output: 650.000 ltrs
Malt Bins:
3, 40 tonnes each, 40 tonnes a week
Destoner: Richard Sizer Ltd
Porteus made by Richard Sizer Ltd in 1992
with 2 sets of rollers
Grist Ratio:
Flour 10 %, Husk 20 %, Grits 70 %
Grist by Mashing: 4,4 tonnes
Infusions Temperature and volume:
63.5 C %, 45 – 50 minutes, 15000 ltrs
Second: 900 C, 1 – 20 minutes, 7500 ltrs
Third:  980 C, sparge, 15000 ltrs
Heat exchanger, worts:
Parflow neat exchanger
Mash Tun:
Stainless steel, full lauter tun with a
peaked canopy
Mash Tun Capacity:5.6 tonnes
Mashing Time: 7 – 8 hours
Worts volume:22.500 ltrs
Wash Backs: 8 stainless steel
Yeast  Anchor Dry since 1997,  
4 – 7 kg blocks per washback
Fermentation Time: 60 hours
Wash Stills:
One, open gas fires with a very l
long Lyne Arm
Wash Still Size:25000 ltrs
Wash Still Charge: 22,500 ltrs
Wash: 7 – 8 %
Distillation Time Wash Still: 7 - 8 hours
Low Wines: 19 %
Spirit Stills:
2,  steam pans Long Lyne Arm, Normal Neck
Spirit Still Size:
No.1 Still 11000 ltrs and not used,
No. 2 12000 ltrs
Spirirt Still Charge:9500 ltrs
Cooling: Shell and Tube made by Forsyth
Foreshots run time:15 minutes at 75 %
Middlecut: 2 ½ - 3 hours at 69 – 75 %
Feints: 6 hours
New Make: 72.5 %
Spirit Vat: 30.000 ltrs
Cask Used: Both Sherry and Bourbon
Warehouses: 4 Dunnage with 10.500 casks

Thomas Simpson, a distiller founds
Glen Garioch
Ingram, Lamb & Co owners of the distillery
Johnn Manson & Co, buys the distillery,
also owner
of Strathmeldrum
Distillery (1825 - 1839) also in
Old Meldrum
J.G. Thomson owner
William Sanderson (V A T 69) has a
50 % stake
in the distillery
William Sanderson buys the remaining
50 % in Glen Garioch
William Sanderson & Son merges with
Booth Distilleries Ltd,
the gin producer        
Booth Distillers Ltd is acquired by
Distillers Company Ltd
(D.C.L.) now Diageo         
Glen Garioch is transferred to
Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd
Glen Garioch is decommissioned
Stanley P. Morrison Ltd buys the distillery
First reconstruction and then production
A more peaty whisky is produced

Stills are increased from two to four
Glen Garioch is the first distillery to use gas
from the North Sea for heating
further firing of the stills and a amendment to the spirit
cut, altering the spiri character, which created the violet
47,5 tonnes of own peated malt produced and mixed with
unpeated bought malt, the peated levels were progressively
last peated malt produced, follows a unpeated, fruitier style
Suntory controls all of Morrison Bowmore
Distillers Ltd
October, the distillery is mothballed
Maltings are closed
Glen Garioch reopens in August
336 bottles of the oldest Glen Garioch
ever is
released 46 year old, 1958
A 15 year old Bordeaux Cask Finish is
A visitor centre is opened

A 8 years old is released
A revamp is released: 1979 Founders
Reserve ,
no age,  a 12 year old, Vintage 1978,
Vintage 1990
A 1991 Vintage is released
A Vintage 1995, and 1997 are released
Virgin Oak, Vintage 1999 and 11 single cask
whiskies are released
Renaissance Collection 15 years old released
The 4st and last of the Renaissance Collection
is released
Capacity: 1.370.000 Ltrs
Output: 450.000 Ltrs
Floor Malting is re-installed
First Malting take place March 2022
= 25 % of the distillery needs
Also diret gas firing is used for the wash still

Douglas Laing & Co, Ltd
Douglas House 18, Lynedoch Crescent, Glasgow G 3 6 E Q.
In 1949 Fred Douglas Laing established Douglas Laing & Co primarily as a blender and bottler for his Scotch Whisky blends The King of Scots and House of Peers, which are available today internationally.

Large stocks and reserves of aging Malts in particular, were laid down by Mr. Laing, many being guarded for 25 - 30 years specifically for the older blends such as the 25 and 30 Year Old KING OF SCOTS.

With more than 50 different Malts in stock, over the last 50 years from filling programme, it was obvious that the Malt Master would have certain favourites. These have variously been chalked off the times of regular quality control, as being of particular qualitative interest; both commercially, and for the pleasure of the Directors. It has been their particular perk, benefit and privelege to nose and taste some of the finest quality samples indicative of the Distillers's art.
It was judged by the two current owners/directors (sons of the founder, so nepotism is not dead!) that some of these stocks were 'too good to blend'. And so the OLD MALT CASK selection was developed in 1999 to extend those perks and benefits beyond the Director's tasting suite!
Initially it was felt that 50 different Malts commemorating the Company's 50th Anniversary would be approciate. That tally has now been exeeded but our preferred strenght of 50 % alc/vol is maintained. We believe this strenght creates a fine, round, full quality for various Malts when taken 'neat'. It also allows the regular consumer to know precisely how much or little water should be added to this artisan and craftman's distillate.
These selected Malt Whiskies have waited many years to reach their classic heights of qua-lity. Not only with your health in mind, but with a view to greater enjoyment, may we suggest that in the style of the founder, whose signature endorses your Malt, you enjoy its glass leisurely and slowly.
Douglas Laing

De Vintage 1995 was het laatste distillaat, waarvan de gemoute gerst uit de eigen
distilleerderij kwam.

Voor de sluiting in 1995 was de gemoute gerst 8 ppm. Na de heropening in 1996
werd de gerst niet meer geturfrookt.

Glen Garioch heeft 2 spirit stills van respectievelijk 11.000 liter en 14.000 liter en
één wash still van 25.000 liter

19 July 2013
A  break from tradition
Today we're delighted to introducé you to the latest addition to our family, Glen Garioch
Virgin oak.

For the very first time we'er releasing a Glen Garioch that has been fully matured in Virgin
North American oak casks and is unlike anything you'have tasted before.

Although American Bourbon Whiskey must, by law, be matured in unused, Virgin oak casks,
Scottish distillers have always favoured used, so called 'ex - bourbon' barrels, believing
that the oak in its Virgin state would be too overpowering for our more refined and complex

Mash tuns: 1 x 5.4 tonnes
Washbacks: 5 x 27.500 litres
Wash stills: 1 x 20.000 litres,
1 x 10.000 litres                  
Spirit still: 2 x 11.000 ltres

Glen Garioch pronounced Geery i
n the ancient Doric dialect of Aberdeenshire.

Sandy Curle :1970 - 1972
Joe Hughes :1973 -  1979
Willie McNeil :1980 -  1993
Fraser Hughes :1997 -  2003
Kenny Grant :2004 - 2014

Capacity: 1,650.000 litres
Current output:(2015) 1,370.000 litres
Malt variety: Concerto
Mash tun size:
3 - 40 tonnes each, full Lauter,
40 tonne malt per week
Mashing time: 7-8 hours
Worts: 22.500 litres
Destoner: Richard Sizer Ltd
2 sets of Porteus rollers made by
Richard Sizer Ltd in 1992
Grist: Grist 70 %, Husk 20 %, Flour 10 %
Wash backs: steel:  8 à 30.000 litres
Wash still: 1 à 25000 litres, open gas fires,
long Lyne Arm
Wash still charge: 21.500 - 22.500 litres
Wash still: 7 ã 8 hours
Spirit still:  
2 :1 à 11000 litres, 1 à12000 litres ,
Steam pans, Long Lyne Arm
Spirit still charge: 9.500 litres
Fore shots run: 20 minutes
Middle cut run: 2 1/2 à 3 hours
Feints : 5 1/2 hours                
Warehouses on site: 4 dunnage / 9000 casks
Boiler: gas fired
Shell and tube condensers:3 made by Forsyth                                   
Mashing water: Coutens Spring
Dried yeast:
Anchor 48 hour fermentation time 60 hours.
Type of casks: Bourbon and Sherry
4 Dunnage, 10.500 casks in total
Pot ale: Spread to land as fetiliser
Production staff: 6
Visitor Centre: 4

Although the layout inside Glen Garioch is typical of a centuries-old site, with small rooms being added on and converted into use as production increased, it contains relatively modern kit. The mash tun, squeezed inside a tiny chamber, has a lauter system; the washbacks, in another tight room nearby, are stainless steel. The stillhouse with a panoramic window facing the road has three stills, but only one pair is used.

Ferments are short, giving a deep cereal and spice note to the new spirit which also has a distinctive waxy, tallow-like, character. When mature, the heaviness changes into a thick, fat texture, allowing honeyed fruits and heather to emerge.

It has been unpeated since the 1990s, but in recent years, small batches of smoky barley have once again been run.

Although the date of Glen Garioch is officially given as being 1797, there are claims (still to be substantiated) of it producing legally at an even earlier date, a claim which if proved true would make this Oldmeldrum plant the oldest distillery in Scotland. It would make sense that there was whisky being distilled in The Garioch – a fertile part of Aberdeenshire long given over to arable farming.

Whatever the date of its formation, Glen Garioch survived when other eastern distilleries foundered. This was initially thanks to its ownership by blenders J.F. Thompson of Leith in 1884. William Sanderson of Vat 69 (at that point one of the top-selling blends in the world) became a partner in 1886 and took full control in 1908.

Sanderson owned it outright until 1935 when it joined with Booth’s [Royal Brackla, Millburn, Stromness] and then two years later, following a merger, into DCL. It continued in production until 1968 when it and Brora were considered as the sites which could produce heavily-peated whisky for DCL’s blending requirements. Glen Garioch had always struggled for water and it was felt that this would impact on an increase in production. DCL’s response to this was to close Glen Garioch, and reopen Brora.

Two years later, the Glasgow broker Stanley P. Morrison [Bowmore, Auchentoshan] bought it. The firm brought in a local water diviner who found a new source and production not only restarted, but increased.

Morrison’s brought in the same design of heat recovery system it had installed at Bowmore. In that distillery waster heat warmed the water of the town’s swimming oil. At Glen Garioch, it heated two acres of greenhouses where tomatoes were grown.

Heavily peated malt was produced until 1995 when the distillery closed once more.  Thankfully it opened again two years later, though by now the peat had gone (as had the distillery’s own maltings) as a different style was being made.

Today it is a member of the Beam Suntory stable, with all of its production going to single malt.

Glen Garioch is founded by
Thomas Simpson
The distillery is bought by
John Manson & Co
William Sanderson buys the
distillery with
Glengarioch Distillery Company
Sanderson & Son merges with Booth's
Booth's is acquired by DCL
Glen Garioch is mothballed and two years
later is sold to P. Morrison
P. Morrison restarts production at
Glen Garioch
The distillery's stills are increased from two
to three
Japanese group Suntory takes control of
Morrison Bowmore
Suntory mothballs Glen Garioch for two years
Glen Garioch's range of single malts is
refreshed; 1979 Founders Reserve, 12 Year Old,
1978 and 1990 Vintages are released
Glen Garioch Virgin Oak is launched

Shell and tube
Stainless steel
Coutens Spring
Dried yeast

Beam Suntory
2014 - present
Morrison Bowmore Distillers
1994 - 2014
Stanley P. Morrison
1970 - 1982
Distillers Company Limited
1937 - 1970
Booth's Distilleries
1933 - 1937
Sanderson & Son
1908 - 1933
Joseph F Thomson & Co
1884 - 1908
John Manson
1837 - 1884
Ingram, Lamb & Co
1827 - 1837
Thomas Simpson
1797 - 1827

Glen Garioch was used in blends as Grant's, Bell's and Drambuie.

Beam Suntory has announced a £6m investment in the Glen Garioch distillery in Oldmeldrum, which will see the reintroduction of floor matings and installation of direct-fired heating.

The renovation began in 2020 and the first new make spirit is expected to be produced at some point in 2021.

Kwanele Mdluli, distillery manager, said: “Although these traditional distilling and malting methods are rare in today’s industry, our teams have deep expertise and passion for these methods, and we’re all looking forward to bringing them back to our distillery.”

Francois Bazini, Beam Suntory’s managing director – scotch, gin & Irish, added: “Coming from one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries, Glen Garioch is a rare find – a complex, hearty Highland malt, produced only in small batches.

“Our whisky has always been made with extraordinary care, and by reinvigorating its distillery and tapping into the brand’s rich history, we’ll be able to build on the quality and complexity that Glen Garioch is already known for.”

Established in 1797, Glen Garioch, (pronounced ‘Geery’) is Scotland’s most
easterly distillery. Situated in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, the distillery has
been handcrafting a beautiful range of natural, non chill-filtered single malt
whiskies for over 200 years.
Our Malts
For more information on our range of Single Malt Whiskies please visit
Opening Times
Mon – Sat: 10:00 to 16.30 hours
From July to September, the visitor centre is also open on a Sunday
from 12:00 to 16.30 hours
Guided Tours
Founders Tour - £6.00
Wee Tasting Tour - £12.00
VIP Tour - £40.00
A Rare Pair, Whisky and Cheese Pairing - £25.00
Private Tastings
Available. Please contact the distillery
How to Find Us
Oldmeldrum is around half an hour from Aberdeen, following the A947.
Visit for further detail.

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