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Daftmill farm and distillery lies a couple of miles from the town of Cupar in Fife.

The farm has been owned by the Guthbert family for six generations and has long grown malting barley for the whisky industry.

Current owners today are Ian and Francis Cuthbert and discovered a few years they decided to restore an old mill building on the farm and convert into a distillery.

The licence was granted in 2005.

The Wash still ia charged with 2500 litres, the Spirit still with 1500 litres.

Water is drawn from Daftmill spring.

The first spirit was produced December 2005.

The capacity is 60.000 litres a year.

The farmís water tower is a local landmark and provides the distillery with water.
It is thought to have built by a Dutch engineer who was in the area to help build the Tay Rail Bridge.

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