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Provided by Jack Smith, C.S.S. President,   Metro Atlanta Scotch Club  "Good Scotch with Great Friends"

Owner:  Diageo
Capacity: 12.500.000 litres a year
Output: (2012) 10.000.000 litres a year
Pot Stills:  7 Wash Stills, heated by exterial heat exchangers  7 Spirit Stills, heated by steam coils
2 diferent whiskies are produced:  (2012) Light  Speyside, fermentation time 75 hours
Heavy Speyside, fermentation time 50-60- hours    
Total Cost:  40.000.000 pound
Mashes a week: (2012) 42 = 10.000.000 litres spirit a year
Pronunciation:  "ROSE - eye - ul"
Region:  Speyside
Neighbours:  Glen Moray, Linkwood, Glenburgie (Mosstowie), Glenburgie  (Glencraig).
Rejuvenate time: 30 mintes after every run
Established:  2008 with the first distillation in 2009
Status:  Active
Water Source: Underground water was extracted from bore holes using well pumps. Ambient levels of iron,                                                                                                  manganese and turbitity reduced in on - site water treatment facility.
Water is cooled prior to return to  environment.
Floor Maltings:  Produced on - site
Malt bins:  3, each 115 tonnes
Mash Tun:   2 Stainless Steel, with 13 tonnes each
Condensers:   6 Stills can be swiched between copper and stainless steel                                                                                                        Condensers
Burghead Maltings:  Roseisle Distillery is connected with the 7 Kilns of Burghead                                                                                                                          3 kilometer North of Roseisle with                                                                                                           

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