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Single Grain Whisky

CARSEBRIDGE , Alloa   (1799 - 1983)

The Carsebridge Distillery was founded near Alloa by John Bald, in 1799, as a malt pot - still distillery and was later converted to a grain distillery prior to the formation of D.C.L.

Until its closure in 1983, Carsebridge was the oldest grain distillery within the Distillers Group.

Grain whisky is unique in that it is made by the Coffey or Patent Still Method of production.

It is the lightest - bodied and most mellow of all the Scotch Whiskies, being smooth, mild and soft.

This whisky is 100 % Highland grain spirit and makes an exellent  pre - dinner dram.

This bottling has been done straight from the cask at natural strength, in order to retsain its full flavour.

James MacAthur & Co, Ltd is a totally independent bottler.   

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