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Eden Mill Distillery  is located near the town of St. Andrews on the site of the former Seggie distillery, operated by the Haig family between 1810 and 1860.

Eden Mill is the brainchild of Paul Miller who worked at Coors, The Glenmorangie Plc and I.D.V. (International Distillers & Vintners).

Set up in 2012 as  Eden Brewery and after he had met David Lang and Tony Reeman - Clark of the new Strathearn distillery he started Eden Mill distillery September 2014.

Brewing capacity is 20 barrel and he is able to produce enough wash for distillation.

Paul Miller has bought 3 pot stills from Hoga in Portugal and can produce 80.000 litres a year.

First gin is making.

3 different new - make spirits are produced: St, Andrews Day Single Malt Spirit from pale malt, Hogmanay Single Malt Spirit from pale- and chocolate malt and Robert Burns Day Single Malt Spirit made from pale-, crystal- and brown malt.

Eden Mill distils from Golden Promise, grown by Francis Cuthbert, owner of Daftmill Distillery.

The output is going in ex - Oloroso, American and French oak cask,

The first whisky will be released in November 2017,

The Malt is  Unpeated
Mashtun Semi - lauter with a capacity of 3330 litres
Wasbacks: 2 x stainless steel with a total capacity of 13.300 litres
Fermentation: 2 / 3 days
Wash stills: 2 x 900 litres charge
Spirit still: 1 x 900 litres charge


Eden Mill leans heavily on its heritage as a brewer when it comes to defining the style of its single malt Scotch whisky by choosing malts inherent to beer in its mash: pale malt, chocolate malt and crystal malt. While many claim barley varieties have little impact on a whisky’s flavour, Eden Mill is adamant the difference in the new make is quite discernable.
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