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Isle of Jura THE PAPS

NOSING & TASTING / Whisky Proeverij





George Orwell author of “1984” lived here every year 6 months in 1946, 1947, 1948.

The Paps of Jura are three Mountains The Sacred Mountain), Beinn an Oir Beinn Shiantaidh (The Sacred Mountain), on the Western of this
Island in the Inner Hebrides
The word Pap is an ancient word of Old Norse origin for the breast.

ISLE  OF  JURA  ORIGINAL 10 year 40 %

ISLE  OF  JURA  16 year 40 %

ISLE  OF  JURA  21 year  40 %

We choose this whiskies from our existing stock, this can change from time to time

THIS  3   ISLE  OF  JURA SINGLE MALT WHISKIES  à 2 cl = 45,00   per  person

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