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Inver House

Whisky Concerns
Inver House
Ontstaan door een management - buy - out, onder leiding van Bill Robertson en Angus Graham, die £ 8,2 miljoen investeerden.
November 2001 werd Inver House voor £ 56 miljoen gekocht door Pacific Spirits, onderdeel van de op de Virgin Islands gevestigde Great Oriole Group van de Thaise zakenman Charoen

Manager van Pacific Spirits is Ooi Boon Aun.
Robertson en Graham ontvangen samen £ 37 miljoen en ook de 130 medewerkers ontvangen geld, sommigen £ 50.000.
Inbegrepen in de koop zijn de vijf distilleerderijen Knockdhu, Speyburn, (Old) Pulteney Balblair en Balmenach.
Master Distiller November 2005 Malcolm Waring
Overige blends van Inver House zijn: Inver House Green Plaid, Inver House Red Plaid, Pinwinnie, MacArthur's, alsmede de vatted malt Blairmhor en de whiskylikeur Heather Cream.
In 1995 koopt Inver House zowel (Old) Pulteney als Balblair van Allied Domecq. December 1996 wordt Balmenach overgenomen van United Distillers Ltd.
Tot het voorjaar 1993 werd de single malt whisky onder de naam The Knockdhu uitgebracht, daarna wordt de naam An Cnoc gebruikt om verwarring met The Knockando te voorkomen.
De distilleerderij, die werd ontworpen door de architecten Gordon & Macbey te Elgin is gebouwd van grijs graniet, gedolven in de omgeving.
De licentiehouder is tegenwoordig James Catto & Co, Ltd.
Eén Mash tun is 4.2 ton groot, de Wash still is 10350 liter, de Spirit still 9500 liter.
Knockdhu (An Cnoc) kan 900.000 liter spirit per jaar produceren met zijn door stoom verhitte ketels, opgewekt door een met olie gestookte boiler.
De distilleerderij kat heet Whisky (1999).

crystal clear water
The Distillery construction was completed and
production started in October, output 2500
gallons of spirit per week
Increased demand required additional
warehouses to be built
The Distillery was connected to the National Grid
A sad day, as the Distillery horse and cart are
replaced by a tractor
Hitherto fired by hand, the furnaces of the two
pot stills were converted to mechanical stoking              
Distillers Company Limited (D.C.L.) starts construction of
the distillery which is
Knockdhu. The architects are Gordon & Macbey from Elgin
Production starts in October
Management of the distillery is transferred to Distillers Agency  
Scottish Malt Distillers (S.M.D.) takes over production
The distillery closes  
The distillery opens again
The distillery closes in March
Inver House buys the distillery from United Distillers
Production restarts on 6th February
First official bottling of Knockdhu
First official bottling An Cnoc the new name to avoid confusion with Knockando
Pacific Spirits (Great Oriole Group) purchases Inver House Distillers at a price of
$ 85.000.000
Reintroduction of An Cnoc 12 years old   with a new contemporary packaging
A 14 years old from 1990 is launched
Two limited editions a 30 years old from 1975 and a 14 year old from 1991 are
Inver House changes owners when International Beverage Holdings acquires
Pacific Spirits U.K.
An Cnoc 1993 is released
An Cnoc 16 years old is released
Balblair :1.330.000 litres
Balmenach:2.000.000 litres
Knockdhu :1.500.000 litres
(Old) Pulteney :3.000.000 litres
Speyburn :2.000.000 litres
In 1988 Inver House Distillers Ltd was acquired at a                                                                                                                                                
management buy out by its directors from Publicker
Industries Inc.
Publicker Industries Inc bought in Airdrie near Glasgow
an old paper mill, Garnheath and built here  in 1964 /                                                                                                                                                                           
1965 a huge complex with the name Moffat with a
grain- and two malt distilleries Glen Flagler and Killyloch
and 23 warehouses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Inver House bought Bladnoch in 1973 and sold it in 1983
to Arthur Bell & Sons and in 1985 bought the Loch Lo -
mond distillery from Barton.
Inver House acquires the brands Hankey Bannister
and Catto and also aquires the distilleries Knockdhu,
Speyburn, Balblair, (Old) Pulteney and Balmenach
In 2001 Inver House Distillers Ltd was bought by Great
Oracle Group on Virgin Islands from the Thai entrepre-
neur Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi.
Thursday 01 October 2015
Scotch whisky business Inver House Distillers, behind brands including Old Pulteney and Speyburn, saw pre-tax profits jump by 23.5 per cent last year despite challenging trading conditions in a number of markets.
Overall sales rose by 2.8 per cent to £79.2 million but growth in its key brands was at 11 per cent with particular success in markets including the UK, US, Germany, Poland and a number of African countries.
Profits increased to £11.8m and total capital expenditure more than doubled to £10.2m from £4.7m as Inver House Distillers' managing director Graham Stevenson, pictured, said it continued to invest for the future.
"The year has also strengthened our determination to build our brands, with strategic investments being made to meet the numerous and diverse challenges and uncertainties that the industry undoubtedly faces globally. There are challenging times to come but we remain confident about our strategy and the opportunities for our brands and our industry."
Discovery of several springs of the purest,
also see The Knockdhu and An Cnoc
Company Overview
Founded in 1964, Inver House Distillers is the Group's wholly owned Scotch Whisky subsidiary. Within its portfolio there are five distilleries - Pulteney, Balblair, Knockdhu, Speyburn and Balmenach - each producing its own distinctive, individual single malt whisky.

Inver House is also highly active in the warehousing and blending of Scotch whisky, with its main warehousing and head office being centrally located in Airdrie. This is perfectly placed to service the international marketplace with warehousing for 500,000 barrels of whisky plus state of the art blending and laboratory facilities.

Inver House produces more than just whisky, currently distilling the premium brand, Caorunn Gin at Balmenach Distillery and also produces vodka brands from its Airdrie site. From its range of whisky, gin, and vodka Inver House invites you to enjoy this unrivalled collection.

Inver House Distillers was established in 1964 as a subsidiary of the American company, Publicker Industries. In the 1970's the Scotch Whisky industry faced competition from other spirit categoreis and coupled with the death of its American Chairman, Publicker Industries did not focus its business interests in its Scottish subsidiaries. As a result of this, the malt and grain distilleries at the Scottish site in Airdrie became surplus to requirements and were closed in 1985 and 1986.

The substantial warehousing, blending and office facilities all remained, and do so to this day, as do the state of the art Gin, Vodka and Cream Production Facilities.

However, following the takeover by the management team in 1988, and the revival of the Scotch Whisky industry, Inver House Distillers purchased 5 highly regarded malt distilleries over a period of 9 years. Since then Inver House has gone from strength to strength in its commitment to a worldwide market. This continued commitment was recognised in 1992 with the granting of the Queen's Award for Export Achievement.

In October 2001, Inver House entered a new chapter when it was purchased by Pacific Spirit (U.K.) Ltd, now International Beverage Holdings Limited (InterBev) - the international arm of Asia's leading drinks business, the Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (ThaiBev) with an outstanding portfolio of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, wine and beer categories.

Being part of a larger group ensures the company's continued success in an increasingly competitive market place.

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