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Lowland Closed & Lost Distilleries

NOSING & TASTING / Whisky Proeverij

Session at  3 p.m. on reservation

As a region the Lowlands have been strongly associated with grain and blended whiskies than malt whiskies, and blended whiskies often uses a higher proportion of Lowland malt, ass the less intense flavour means it does not dominate the other constituent whiskies
Traditionally the barley used has been unpeated because the Lowlands and in particular East Lothian had a strong coal – mining industry

Highly  Limited

KINCLAITH 1955 – 1976,
LITTLEMILL 1772 – 1984,
(Linlithgow) 1798 – 1983

Good Things come to those who Wait

We choose the whiskies from our existing stock, this changes from time to time.

This 3 Closed & Lost Lowlland Distilleries KINCLAITH,  LITTLEMILL &  ST. MAGDALENE
à 2 cl = 100,00 pro person
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