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ISLAY              PPM = parts per million phenol

Ardbeg                                                                             40 - 45 ppm
Bowmore                                                                         20 - 25 ppm
Bruichladdich                                                                            3 ppm
Bruichladdich    2001                                                       8   - 10 ppm
Bruichladdich Distilled  = Port Charlotte                                40 ppm
Bruichladdich Distilled  = Lochindaal                                     50 ppm
Bruichladdich Distilled  = Octomore 2002                              40 ppm
Bruichladdich Distilled  = Octomore 2003                            129 ppm
Bruichladdich Distilled  = Octomore 1                                    80 ppm            
Bruichladdich Distilled  = Octomore 2
"The Beast"                                                                            167 ppm
Bruichladdich  Trestarig Triple Distilled July 2005
Bruichladdich  The X 4 Quadruple Distilled March 2006
Bunnahabhain                                                                            3 ppm
Bunnahabhain Peated = Moine                                                38 ppm
Caol Ila                                                                             30 - 35 ppm
Caol Ila Unpeated (Highland)                                                    0 ppm
Lagavulin                                                                          35 - 40 ppm
Laphroaig                                                                          35 - 40 ppm

Bron: Peat, Smoke and Fire by Andrew Jefford

The Hebridean island of Islay is set to get a brand new distillery - its ninth.
A French distiller is seeking planning permission for the venture.
Celtic Whisky Company owner Jean Donnay - who runs Glann ar Mor Distillery in Brittany with his wife Martine - has applied for permission to demolish existing outbuildings at Gartbreak Farm, near Bowmore, and build a new distillery.
The planned distillery, which is on the shores of Loch Indaal, is set to open in the spring of 2015.
The venture will be called Gartbreck and will be Islay's smallest distillery - and the third owned by a French company.
Islay went 125 years without getting a new distillery. Now it is set to have two in a decade, following Kilchoman's opening in 2005.
Mr and Mrs Donnay have run their small Bretan distillery since 2005.
"Islay has to be regarded as the maker of whisky on the planet. I can't think of a better place to have a distillery. Gartbreck is a magical site," said Mr Donnay.
"I am currently making whisky exactly like they made it in Scotland 50 years ago. You get lots of distilleries opening up all over the world but they don't have the character of a Scotch malt.
"Scotch whisky is like great classical music. You have to understand it to appreciate it, but that takes time - there's a complexity about it."
He hopes to produce 55,000 litres-a-year of peaty mal.

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