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MANNOCHMORE   10 years old 40%            
Distilled 1984
Bottled 1994
Proprietors: John Haig & Co, Ltd
Gordon & Macphail, Elgin

MANNOCHMORE   12 years old 43% INFO        
Distilled 1980
Bottled 1992
Mannochmore Distillery, Elgin, Moray

MANNOCHMORE   22 years old 56,1 %           
Cask Strenght
Distilled 1977
Ian MacLeod & Co, Ltd, Broxburn

MANNOCHMORE   1991  11 years old 43 %

Distilled 7/11/91
Matured in a South African Sherry Butt
Butt no. 16586
Bottled 26/5/03
Genummerde flessen
The Ultimate Whisky Company, N.L.

MANNOCHMORE  9 years old 61.4 %           
Distilled Mar 90
Bottled May 99
Society Cask No. code 64.2
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,
The Vaults, Leith, Edinburgh

MANNOCHMORE   22 years old 60.1 %    INFO        
Natural Cask Strenght
Distilled 1971
Bottled September 1997
Limited Edition
Genummerde flessen
John Haig & Co, Ltd, Edinburgh

MANNOCHMORE   VINTAGE 1991          
11 years old 60,2 %
Distilled on 7.11.91
Bottled 19.6.03
Matured in a South African sherry butt
Butt No. 16587
Genummerde flessen
596 bottles
Signatory Vintage
Scotch Whisky Co, Ltd, Edinburgh

MANNOCHMORE   12 years old 46%               
Distilled 7th November 1991
Bottled 4th August 2003
Cask No. 16588
Non Chill Filtered
Thistle, Holland

MANNOCHMORE   over 15 years old  46 %    INFO        
Distillation Date: June 1990
Cask Type: Refill Sherry Butts
Bottling Date: January 2006
Proprietors: John Haig & Co, Ltd
Gordon & Macphail, Elgin

MANNOCHMORE       Aged  28 years  52.10  %                
Distilled 12th August 1982
Hogshead no 2853
Bottled 23 rd March 2011
270 Numbered Bottles
Bladnoch Distillery, Wigtown

MANNOCHMORE       Age  10 years  61.9 %   INFO
Distilled April 2001
Cask Type: 1 Fill Barrel / Ex Bourbon
Outturn /  One of 237 Bottles
Society Cask  No: 64.31
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society,
The Vaults, Leith, Edinburgh
A stunner for its age

16 years old 46 %                             
Selected by Van Wees
Distilled: 02/09/1998
Cask Type: Refill American Hogshead
Cask No 5270:
Bottled: 20/10/2014
Specially Selected Produced and Bottled by
Speymalt Whisky Distributors Limited, Elgin

Highland Malt
MANNOCHMORE (1971 - 1985) (1989 -  also see Glenlossie en Loch Dhu

Elgin, Morayshire. Licentiehouder: John Haig & Co, Ltd, Fife. Onderdeel van Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (S.M.D.) De malt divisie van United Distillers Ltd. Eigendom van Guinness.
Gebouwd in 1971, naast de Glenlossie distilleerderij, een zogenaamde tadem distilleerderij, de één is een kopie van de andere.
De naam komt van de nabij gelegen Mannoch Hills en het woord 'more' betekent groot, terwijl Mannoch Ketisch is voor monnik.
Mannochmore heeft zes ketels. Het proceswater is afkomstig van de Bardon Burn, het water voor koeling van de Gedloch Burn en de Burn of Foths.
Mannochmore werd in 1985 (tijdelijk) gesloten.
Mannochmore werd in 1989 weer opgestart.
De Mash tun is 12 ton.
De zes Wash backs hebben een inhoud van 60.000 liter elk.
De drie Wash stills zijn groot 16.100 liter, de drie Sprit stills zijn elk 14.700 liter en worden met stoom verhit.
Mannochmore kan 3220.000 liter spirit per jaar produceren.

October 2005

Diageo has announced that its 2005 Annual Rare Malts Selection will be the last.

The collection will consist of four cask strenght single malts from closed distilleries; Glen Mhor 28 years old, Millburn 35 years old, Glendullan 26 years old and Linkwood 30 years old.
Dr. Nicholas Morgan, global malts marketing director commented: 'As the Special Releases are now well established, it makes less sence to continue selecting and promoting a parallel series of Rare Malts with his own separate indentity'.
In future, all premium and rare whiskies will be made available in the annual Special Re-leases series.

Tea - Time whisky
Home of the ill-judged 'black whisky' (Loch Dhu), the distillery was built by Haigs in 1971 adjacent to their big plant at Glenlossie just south of Elgin.
This example could not be less like the black stuff. Mid gold in colour, the nose is sweet and citric-artificial ornage, like Eau de Seville - with a hint of chocolate, and buttery crepes. A crepe suzette made with oranges?
With water the orange and chocolate notes remain, joined by rich Tea biscuits and tablet. Very easy to drink, sweet and fresh, becoming slightly bitter in the finish, so that the gums tingle, and leaving a lingering aftertaste of chocolate. Good as an aperitif or tea time.


April 2013

Diageo has named Teaninich near Alness as the location for its plans to build a new 50 million pound new malt whisky distillery and will be adjacent the existing Teaninich distillery
but will have its own name and indentity and will have the capacity to produce 13 million
litres of spirit p[er annum from its 16 stills.

Diageo also invest 12 million pound in expanding the Teaninich distillery to almost doubless capacity.

The site will also feature a bio - energy plant.

The work will begin in 2014.

Diageo also will invest in Mortlach distillery  in building a new still house and an other invest-
ment will be at Glendullan distillery to process co products in an anaerobic digestion process, producing bio - gas which will be used to power the Glendullan distillery.

There are also expansion and upgrade developments for more then 40 million pound in
Linkwood, Mannochmore, Glendullan, Dailuaine, Benrinnes, Inchgower, Cragganmore,
Glen Elgin, Glen Ord and in a new bio - energie plants in Glenlossie and Dailuaine.

Also new warehouse are build at Cluny near Kirkcaldy.

And at Talisker  a new visitor centre is build for a 1 million pound.

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