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NOSING & TASTING / Whisky Proeverij


Royal Warrants of Appointment have been issued since the 15th century to those who supply goods or services to a royal court or certain royal personages.

GLENURY ROYAL  ( 1825-and demolished in 1985) Royal Warrant by King William IV, ROYAL BRACKLA ( 1812 - ) Royal Warrant in 1835 by King Willam IV and Queen Victoria in 1881.The Kings own Whisky,ROYAL LOCHNAGAR ( 1823 -) Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1826, LAPHROAIG ( 1815 - ) Royal Warrant in 1994 by Prince Charles Prince
of Wales and in Scotland the distillery indentidies Charles by his tittle of Duke of Rothesay
We choose the whiskies from our existing stock, this changes from time to time

The 4 Scotch Single malt Whiskies GLENURY ROYAL, The Last of a Kind, ROYAL BRACKLA, ROYAL LOCHNAGAR, LAPHROAIG à 2 cl = 100,00 per person
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