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Macallan Decades Travel Series
This very rare Macallan Decades Travel Series bottling is a re-creation by Macallan of their 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s  style of whisky.
THE MACALLAN  TWENTIES  Racing car motif 40%
A Re-creation of 1920's style Macallan / Bottled: 2000 / 500 ml Bottles
Nose: Syrupy. Flowering currant. Apricot. Lemon. Sweet and dry. Spicy.
Palate: Firm but creamy. Honeyed. Finish: Sweet grass. Some peatiness and late sappy oak Comment: Despite a relatively full colour, suggesting plenty
of sherry, the Macallan flavours shine through.  The driest of these bottlings.

THE MACALLAN THIRTIES Ocean liner motif 40%
A Re-creation of 1930's style Macallan / Bottled: 2000 / 500 ml Bottles
Nose: Seville orange. Fresh leather. Lemon-grass. Peat. Palate: Smooth, sweet
The fruitiest and most estery of the set. Finish: Sweet grass. Juicy.
Comment: With its floweriness and a hint of peat, this seems to me a classic old-style Speysider.

THE MACALLAN FORTIES Locomotive motif 40%             
A Re-creation of 1940's style Macallan / Bottled: 2000  /500 ml Bottles

During the 1940’s, with oak sherry casks in shot supply as a result of the Second World War, The Macallan would refill their casks more often than is the current practice. This, combined with the use of peat to dry the barley (most un-peated barley went for bread making in war time years), resulted in a whisky that was less spicy and peatier than modern day Macallan.
Nose: Light. Fragrant. Herbal. Grassy. Some smokiness. Palate:Lively. Leafy. Flowery. Dry. Finish: More peat. Late lemon-grass and mustard. Warming. Hot.
Comment: A similar style to 30s but less delicate and more robust.

THE MACALLAN FIFTIES Airliner motif  40%
A Re-creation of 1950's style Macallan  Bottled: 2000 / 500 ml Bottles      
Nose: Sherried, Raisiny. Toasted nuts. Palate: Rich, Smooth. Toffeeish. Port-like.
Finish: Spicy, Liquorice. Mint, late warming Comment: Closest to The Macallan to today, appropriately enough N & T and comments: Michael Jackson.

This 4 Scotch Single Malt Whiskies à 2 cl = 100,00  per person
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