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MacDonald, Aeneas - Whisky (a Reprint 2006)

MacDonald, Michael - The Clans of Scotland

McDowall, R.J.S. / William Waugh - The Whiskies of Scotland

McHardy, Stuart - Tales of Whisky and Smuggling

MacLean, Charles - The Mitchell Beazley Pocket Whisky Book

MacLean, Charles - Whisky

MacLean, Charles - MacLean's Miscellancy of Whisky

MacLean, Charles / Photography by Jason Lowe - Malt Whisky

MacLean, Charles - Scotch Whisky, A Liquid History

MacLean, Charles - Discovering Scotch Whisky

MacLean, Charles / Illustrated by Catherine McWilliam - Scottish Toasts and Graces

Maclean, Charles / Photographs by Lara Platman and Allan MacDonald - Spirit of Place

McMaster/ Michael Moss - Chambers Scottish Drink Book

McNeill, F. Marian - The Scots Cellar

Magee, Malachy - Irish Whiskey, A 100 year Tradition

Mahé, Patrick /Photographes David Lefranc - La Magie du Whisky

Martine, Roddy / Photographs by Patrick Douglas - Hamilton - Scotland The land and the Whisky

Mehrlich, Klaus - Whisk(e)y von den britischen Inseln

Melvin, Eric - Ontdek Schotland

Midleton Distillery

The Stillhouse

Single Pot Still

The original Irish Whiskey

Milne, Bob / Roddy Martine - Single Malt Scotch

Milroy, Wallace - Malt Whisky Almanac 1989

Milsted, David - Bluff you way in whisky

Minnekeer, Bob / Stefaan van Laere / Fotografie Johan Martens - Whisky à la Carte

Minnekeer, Bob ./ Stefaan van Laere - Mijn favoriete whisky's

Minnekeer, Bob, / Stefaan van Laere - Het Echte Schotland

Minnekeer, Bob / Stefaan van Laere - Whisky

Minnekeer, Bob / Sjef Roesbeke / Andrew Verschetze / Joris Devos - Single Malt Flavours - Koken met kruiden op Whisky

Moore, Graham - Malt Whisky A Contemporary Guide

Morton, Tom - Spirit of Adventure

Munro, Robert / Richard Wilson - Strathisla Malt Whisky

Murray, Jim - Complete Book of Whisky

Murray, Jim - The Art of Whisky A de luxe blend of Historic Posters from The Public Record Office

Murray, Jim - Classic Blended Scotch

Murray, Jim - Classic Irish Whiskey

Murray, Jim - Irish Whiskey Almanac

Murray, Jim - The Complete Guide to Whisky

Murray, Jim - Whisky Bible 2004

Murray, Jim - The One Hundred Malts from Chivas Brothers

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