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Allied Domecq

Whisky Concerns

1961     Ind,Coope,Tetley Walker en Ansells gaan samen in Ind,Coope,Tetley Ansell

1963    Ind,Coope,Tetley,Ansell,verandert zijn naam in Allied Breweries
1969   Allied Breweries neemt Alexander Stewart & Son Ltd, te Dundee over, blenders
            van Cream of the Barley
1976   Allied Breweries neemt William Teachers & Sons Ltd over, blenders van
            Highland Cream en Royal Highland Cream, en eigenaar van Ardmore en
1978   Allied Breweries neemt J. Lyons over voor £ 60 miljoen, o.a. eigenaar van
            Wimpy's, een hamburger keten
1981   Allied Breweries verandert zijn naam in Allied-Lyons
1984   Allied-Lyons neemt United Rum Merchants Ltd over
1986   Allied-Lyons noemt zijn wijn- en gedistilleerd groep Allied Vintners
            Allied-Lyons neemt een 51 % belang in Hiram Walker Gooderham & Worts,
1987    Allied-Lyons neemt de resterende 49 % aandelen over van Hiram Walker
            Gooderham & Worts , Ontario, Canada

1858    Hiram Walker sticht Windsor Distillery in Ontario, Canada
1910    Hiram Walker sterft
1927    Harry Hutch, van Gooderham & Worts neemt Hiram Walker over
1930    Fusie Hiram Walker en Gooderham & Worts
1932    Hiram Walker Gooderham & Worts start in Schotland mey het nemen van
            een 60 % belang in Stirling Bonding Company Ltd en J. & G. Stodart Ltd en hun
           distilleerderij Glenburgie, via James Barclay, entrepreneur en vriend van Harry
1936   Dit belang wordt 100 %
1936   George Ballantine & Sons Lyd wordt overgenomen van James Barclay, en
            daarbij Miltonduff
1937    Hiram Walker & Sons (Scotland) Ltd wordt gevormd
1938    Hiram Walker bouwt te Dumbarton aan de Clyde voor £ 3 miljoen, een enorm
            complex met daarin opgenomen een graan distilleerderij: Dumbarton, twee malt
            distilleerderij en: Inverleven en Lomond, lagerpakhuizen en bottel faciliteiten
1954   Glencadam en Scapa worden overgenomen
1955   (Old) Pulteney wordt overgenomen
1977   Hiram Walker & Sons (Scotland) Ltd doet een poging Invergordon Distillers Ltd
           overte nemen
1979   Hiram Walker & Sons (Scotland) Ltd doet een mislukt bod op
           Highland Distillers Ltd
1988  Allied-Lyons neemt de wijn- en gedistilleerd divisie van Whitbread over voor £
           545 miljoen

Whitbread nam Long John International Ltd in 1975 over, inclusief de
distilleerderijen Strathclyde (grain), met in hetzelfde gebouwen complex Kinclaith
malt distilleerderij, The Tormore, Glenugie, Laphroaig en Ben Nevis

Allied Distillers wordt de naam van de gedistilleerd groep van Allied Lyons, met
daarin opgenomen: George Ballantine & Sons Ltd, Long John International Ltd,
William Teacher & Sons Ltd, Alexander Stewart & Son Ltd te Dundee en J.G.
Stodart Ltd

1989   Allied Distillers neemt Glentauchers en Imperial over van United Distillers
1991    Introductie van de Caledonian Malts, met naar het voorbeeld van de
            Classic Malts, met de malt whiskies: The Tormore, Miltonduff, Glendronach en
            Laphroaig, The Tormore werd wat later vervangen door Scapa
            Allied Domecq

1994   Allied-Lyons neemt Pedro Domecq over, waarbij Lochside, en verandert zijn
            naam in Allied Domecq
1995   Allied Domecq verkoopt de blend Black Bottle voor £ 12,8 miljoen aan
            Highland Distillers
2000   Allied Domecq suggereert Diageo samen Seagram over te nemen voor $ 8,15
            biljoen, Seagram maakte toen al deel uit van Vivendi
2005   Pernod Ricard en Fortune Brands nemen samen Allied Domecqc over
            Diageo koopt Bushmills
            Fortune Brands krijgt Laphroaig en Ardmore

De onderstaande distilleerderijen zijn of waren in het bezit van Allied Domecq, en/of Allied Breweries, Allied Lyons, Hiram Walker Gooderham & Worts, Hiram Walker & Sons Scotland) Ltd.

1 = Distillerij   
2 = gesticht   
3 = overgenommen door Allied Domecq in
4 / 5 = in de mottenballen sinds  

Allied Domecq started life as a conglomerate of breweries, but over the years divested its brewing business to focus more on its rapidly growing spirits portfolio, which included Teacher’s, Ballantine’s and Laphroaig. Its business strategy resulted in Allied Domecq becoming the world’s second-largest spirits group.

By the 1990s Allied Lyons was well into a spirits-focused expansion strategy that involved the takeover of multiple spirits companies, including that of Pedro Domecq, a long-winded process that began in 1993 (the final tranche of shares was purchased in 1998). The following year the group changed its name to Allied Domecq.

Following the 1997 merger of IDV and United Distillers to form Diageo, Allied Domecq became the second-largest spirits producer in the world, albeit a distant second.

As part of its spirits focus, and following the divestment of its brewery subsidiary into a joint venture with Carlsberg, the company continued to dispose of other peripheral parts of the business, including Irish drinks company Cantrell & Cochrane and its estate of 2,500 tied pubs.

In order to consolidate its position further, the company began merger talks with Seagram in 2000 but eventually pulled out. Finally, in 2005, the French drinks giant Pernod Ricard, backed by the American Fortune Brands Inc., placed a bid for Allied Domecq worth £7.5bn, which was accepted by the board.

Competition regulations forced Pernod Ricard and Fortune Brands to divide up the company’s brands and sell some others. Once the dust settled on these transactions the enlarged Pernod Ricard group was still the second-largest drinks company, but was much closer to Diageo’s heels than Allied Domecq had ever been.


Allied Breweries
Allied Distillers
Allied Lyons
Campbell Distillers
Chivas Brothers Holdings
Duncan Macleod & Company

Following the merger of Allied Breweries and J. Lyons & Co., the new supergroup’s priority was to expand its spirits holdings. It already held William Teacher & Sons and Stewart & Sons of Dundee, and through its subsidiary, Allied Distillers, bolstered its portfolio until it became the second largest spirits company in the world.

Allied Breweries was formed by a merger of three major English breweries in 1961. Over the next 17 years it purchased whisky blenders Stewart and Sons of Dundee, and William Teacher and Sons, mainly to service the estate of managed and tied public houses and wine and spirit merchants that were formed by the merger.

J. Lyons and Co. was a successful hotel, restaurant and food manufacturer which had also diversified into electronics (the Lyons Electronic Office was one of the first computerised systems on sale in the UK). By the late 1970s however, the company was in decline and ripe for a takeover bid.

Such a bid came in 1978 from Allied Breweries, which hoped to build on the economies of scale developed from its formation in 1961. This resulted in the eventual breakup and sale of parts of the group that were deemed to be a lesser fit.

After treating Lyons as a separate entity for a number of years the group finally adopted the name Allied Lyons PLC in 1981. During this time and over the coming years, the company continued to expand its Scotch whisky holdings, and even made a (unsuccessful) bid for Irish Distillers Group, which eventually sold to Pernod Ricard for US$525m.

In 1987 Allied Lyons formed a subsidiary, Allied Distillers Ltd., to control all its UK spirits operations, which by the following year also included Ballantine’s. By 1990 the portfolio also included the spirits division of brewer Whitbread, which principally included James Burrough Distillers, owner of Long John and Laphroaig.

In 1992 the group divested its brewing operations (Allied Breweries) into a joint venture with Denmark’s Carlsberg.

The name Allied Lyons lasted until the group’s takeover of Spanish brandy and Sherry producer Pedro Domecq during the 1990s, when it subsequently changed its name to Allied Domecq.


Allied Breweries
Allied Distillers
Allied Domecq
Campbell Distillers
Chivas Brothers Holdings

Consolidation of the brewing industry in the 1960s and ‘70s created a number of ‘super-brewer’ companies, among them Allied Breweries. This company was formed in 1961 by the merger of Burton-upon-Trent’s Ind Coope, Birmingham’s Ansells and Leeds’ Tetley-Walker breweries.

Allied Breweries was formed in 1961 by the merger of three major brewing companies: Ind Coope, Ansells and Tetley-Walker. Creating this large company resulted in a large estate of brewery-owned and tied pubs, as well as a couple of wine and spirit merchants – Grants of St. James and the Victoria Wine Company. In order to supply these outlets with whisky, Allied Breweries, in common with other brewing giants, began to purchase whisky companies and distilleries.

The first Scotch whisky company to be purchased by Allied Breweries in 1969 was a blender that didn’t own a distillery. Stewart & Sons of Dundee Ltd., founded in 1831, was a successful business with a number of well-known brands including the Stewart’s Cream of the Barley blend. This was followed in 1976 by the acquisition of William Teacher & Sons Ltd., which was at the time the largest independent Scotch whisky company still controlled by descendants of the founder.

In 1978 the company merged with the catering company of J. Lyons & Co. to eventually form Allied Lyons PLC.

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