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Pot Still

Whisky Concerns



Richard Forsyth of the Pot Still producers: "With the wash being slightly acidic, this accelerates the rates of copper reactions with sulphur compounds.

But a greater reaction also means greater erosion of the copper.

In the two - part distillation process for whisky

It is in the first part, the wash still that the sulphur in the vapour is particulary harsh on the condenser, the lyne arm and the swan neck, which all need to be replaced within 8 - 10 years, in the second part, the spirit still, the opposite is true, it is thepot that needs replaced after that period.The entire still, condenser, lyne arm and swan neck will completely replaced every 25 - 30 years.

A pot still and condenser will weight between 4 and 5 tonnes and in a pot Still's lifetime it will loose 50 % of its weight due to erosion
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