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Jackson, Michael - The Malt Whisky Companian (verkleinde versie)

Jackson, Michael - Whisky

Jackson, Michael -  Malt Whisky Companion 1995

Jackson, Michael - Malt Whisky Companion 2000

Jackson, Michael - Malt Whisky Companion
(5th Edition)

Jackson, Michael /Dominic Roskrow / Gavin D. Smith / William C. Meyers - Malt Whisky Companion  (
6th Fully Revised Edition)

Jackson, Michael / Photography by Harry Cory Wright - Scotland and his Whiskies

Jackson, Michael - Whisky Encyclopedie

Jackson, Michael - Whisky
Jameson Irish Heritage Centre - The Story of Irish Whiskey

Jefford, Andrew - Peat Smoke and Spirit, a Portrait of Islay and its whiskies

Johnson, Samuel - Eine Reise zu den westlichen Inseln von Schottland

Jokab, Andreas - Scotch Single Malt Whisky Catalog August 2001

Jones, Andrew / Illustrations by Madeleine David - Whisky Talk

Jong, Wim de / Jan Paul Schutten - Whisky Wise

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