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Speyside Glenlivet Mineral Water

SPEYSIDE  GLENLIVET, Established in 1991, Highland Spring
Group, Stirling Street, Blackford, Auchterarder.
Speyside Glenlivet water is sourced from the highest naturally occuring
spring in the United Kingdom on the remote Scottish Crown Estate of
Glenlivet – no less than 1000 feet above sea level and is influenced by
the geology of this local area.
The spring produces water with an unusually low mineral content.
With an excetionally low mineral content Speyside Glenlivet water provides
unrivalled purity making it the perfect accompaniment for fine dining
allowing the subtle flavours of fine food and wine to shine through.
The spring located in Speyside away from habitation, industry, and agriculture,
is locally known as Slochd.
Speyside produces more single – malt whisky than any other part of the world.
Speyside Glenlivet is bottled at source in The Braes of Glenlivet on the remote
Crown Estate of Glenlivet, near Ballindalloch in Moray.
The Height of Good Taste
SPEYSIDE  GLENLIVET  Finest Natural Mineral Water Perfectly Still flesje 330 ml
SPEYSIDE  GLENLIVET  Finest Natural Mineral Water Lightly Sparkling flesje 330 ml
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