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Tonic Water & Cola


FENTIMAN'S est. 1905,  Hexham, Northumberland.

In 1905, Thomas Fentiman, an iron puddler from Checkheaton, England was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan. A deal was struck and a recipe for botanical brewed ginger beer was provided as security.

The loan was never repaid so Thomas Fentiman's became owner of the unique recipe, and began using this recipe and producing botanically brewed ginger beer which he delivered door - to - door using a horse and car for transport.

His ginger beer was stored in hand made stone jars known as Grey Hens which were stamped with an image of Thomas Fentiman's pet dog Fearless, who had won awards for bedience at the famous Crufts Dog competition.
Fentiman's ginger beer quickly became very popular and the family business grew, with several production factories being opened in the North East of England.

Now, the business is still in the Fentiman's family and is owned by The Great Grandson of Thomas Fentiman.

Botanical  brewing

Botanical brewing is a simple process involving herbs and plant roots. Thomas Fentiman's original recipe involved ginger roots before tumbling them into copper steam pans and leaving them to bubble and simmer releasing all their flavor.
The finest herbs, natural flavourings, sugar, brewer's yeast and fresh spring waterwere then added to the liquid which was transferred into wooden vats where it is left to ferment, then mild carbonation follows to give the product a longer life.



Botanical brewed using the finest natural ingredients.

Fermented Botanical Tonic Water with Herbal Extracts.

The world's  first  botanical  brewed  tonic  water is made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which results in a unique refreshing and distinctive citrus flavor.


FENTIMAN'S  est. 1905
, Hexham, Northumberland.





Indulge your curiosity with our stimulating recipe of herbal ingredients, recreating an apothecary's cola of yesteryear.

The result is a full - bodied, ginger infused traditional Cola that is curiously invigorating !

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