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Restaurant Het Kompas

Since 1981
vrijdag 9 februari weer geopend
The Original

north 53o 01o 34"
eastern longitude 4o 45o 11"

Country Kitchen
with born, grazed and slaughtered Texels lamb and beef
served in generous portions
where the vegetables come in a steaming bowl on table

Where the table's are all set
The taste of the past
Herb from the garden
Classical music
Member of La Vialla, Toscane & Slow Food, Piemonte

Opens at 16:00, closed on Tuesday
vrijdag  9  februari weer geopend
The Scotch  Whisky  Bar

The First in

Scotch Vintage-,Single Malt- & Single Cask Whiskies

Each bottle Unique

The Living Cask

The Seal of Fine Malts

Nosing & Tastings
1st Session at 13:00
2nd Session at 15:00
Advance booking

We believe in Terroir Matters

We believe in Texel
We believe in People

We believe in Authenticity
Provenance & Traceability

We believe in Slow
We believe in Challenging Convention
We believe in the Soul of the Artisan
The good things in life still exist

We do not follow Trends
We have our own Beliefs
And That is what we Are

We didn' t join the Scotch Single Malt
Whisky Movement
We started It

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