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First since 1837
A Distillery like no other

The Borders Distillery
The Borders Distillery®, the first Scotch Whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837, was commissioned in March of 2018. This new distillery is dedicated to making great whisky and to capturing the spirit of the Borders.

Our hometown, Hawick, has a famous history of manufacturing, where cashmere is king and where tweed was invented. The distillery is in a landmark building in the centre of town, making us both familiar and new. There is a spirit of industry and enterprise here that inspires us in all that we do.

The build it deserved
Occupying the site of the former Hawick Electric Company, we have undertaken a careful and complete renovation of the building to a fully functioning distillery.

With a committed attention to detail and a real acknowledgement of the building’s history every tiny details has been covered. From the restoration of the original 1930 crane to the lead welded windows this is a build that we are immensely proud of. Why not come see for yourself.

A rich industry
When Bailie John Hardie introduced the first stocking frames to Hawick in 1771, little did he realise what he was about to create. In less than 100 years the town was the very centre of the knitwear trade in Scotland. That expansion continued with foreign markets being conquered. In the 1960’s Hawick became the highest dollar-earning town in the United Kingdom per head of population.

Production was not restricted to knitwear. The wearing of tweed became highly popular in the early and mid 1800’s with manufacture being readily established in Hawick and similar success being enjoyed.

Despite not one of its founding board hailing from the area, The Three Stills Company’s ethos revolves around bringing distilled spirits back to the Scottish Borders.

The group operates the region’s first (legal) whisky distillery since 1837, which produces malt whisky and a gin featuring local botanicals. It also blends and bottles a blended Scotch called Clan Fraser and blended malt Lower East Side.

Its four founders all have a stake in the operation, though funds were also raised through private investors in France and Latin America, and through Edinburgh-based investment firm, Badenoch & Co.

The Three Stills Company was founded in 2013 with the aim of building and operating the first distillery in the Scottish borders for over 180 years. It was the coming together of four ex-William Grant & Sons heads: George Tait, Tony Roberts, John Fordyce and CEO Tim Carton.

Having spotted an ‘on-going long term shortage of malt’ in the Scotch whisky industry, and with a desire to ‘reinvent’ distillation in the Borders, the group eventually raised the funds to acquire a brownfield site in Hawick on which to build a single malt distillery.

Three Stills broke ground at Hawick in August 2016, and eventually opened the site in April 2018. It released its first product, William Kerr’s Borders Gin, in the summer.
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