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Remy Cointreau

Whisky Concerns


The Remy Cointreau Group whose origins date from 1724 is the result of the merger in 1990
of the holding companies of the Heriard Dubreuil and Cointreau families that controlled
E. Remy Martin & Cie S.A. respectively.

It is also the result of successive alliances between companies operating in the same business segment of wines and spirits.

1663 First distillation of Mount gay Rum on Barbados
1724 Establishment of the house of Remy Martin Cognac
1785 Establishment of the house of Piper - Heidsieck Champagne in Reims
1849 Creation of Cointreau & Cie by the Cointreau brothers
1851 Creation by Charles - Camille Heidsieck of the champagne which bears his name
1888 Creation of the Metaxa brand
1904 Creation of the Izarra brand
1986 Creation of the Passoa brand

Group History:

1924 - 1988

1924 Acquisition of E. Remy Martin & Cie S.A. BY Andre Renaud
1965 Andre Heriard Dubreuil takes over from his father - in - law Andre Renaud
1966 Creation of Remy Martin's international network
1980 Creation by Remy Martin of the French - Chinese joint venture Dynasty
Winery in partnership with the city of Tianjin
1985 Acquisition by the Remy Martin Group of Charles Heidsieck champagnes
1988 Acquisition by the Remy Martin Group of the Piper - Heidsieck champagnes

1989 - 1999

1989 Acquisition by the Remy Martin Group of Mount Gay Rum
1990 Transfer by Pavis S.A. of Remy Martin shares to Cointreau & Cie S.A.
1991 Adoption by the Group of the corporate name of Remy Cointreau
1998 Appointment of Dominique Heriard Dubreuil as chairman of Remy Cointreau
1999 Establishment of the Maxxium distribution joint venture with three partners
The Remy Cointreau Group, The Edrington Group and Beam Global Brands
(Fortune Brands).

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