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Malt: Organic barley from 10 different farms

Water soirce: Local spring

Mashing:1 - tone mash, with both clear and cloudy worts produced  depending on the recipe

Fermentation: Four washbacks charged with 5000 litres of wort and fermented for 65 - 70 hours minimum

Experimentation with a variety of yearsts, with wort charity and yeast varied depending on the desired spirit profile

Distillation: One pair of lantern - shaped stills by Speyside Copperworks. Wash still charge of  5000 litres yielding

roughly 1600 litres of low wines. Spirit still charged with 3000 litres yielding roughly 450 litres of spirit at 72.9 ABV.

Cut points are varied depending on the disired spirit "recipe". Five day operation. Balanced system.

Capacity: Around 100.000 lpa per annum.

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