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Whisky Concerns


Water: Loch Lomond
Mash tun: 1 x 5 tonnes
Washback: 1 x 25000 litres
2 wash stills x 25000 ltres
2 spirit stills x 18000 litres
Output: 1,5 000.000 litres


Two engineers in the company Hiram Walker, Alistair Cunningham and Arthur Warren constructed
a new type of still that could produce several styles of whisky and instead of a swan neck, they con-
structed a straight tube where just 3 adjustable plates were fitted and by changing the position of
the plates they could control the character of the spirit, they called it Lomond still.

6 Lomond stilles were installed, first in 1956 one in the Inverleven distillery within the Dumbarton
Grain distillery, then 2 at Glenburgie in 1958, one at Scapa in 1959 and 2 at Miltonduff distillery in

Only 2 are today operative: at Scapa and the old one from Inverleven bought by Bruicgladdich but
without , the plates are removed both at Scapa and Bruichladdich

Also see Inverleven, Glenburgie and Miltonduff

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