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Highland Spring

Water Kompas

Scottish Water

,  Blackpool, Pertshire.

Drawn from Organic Land.

400 million years is quite a long time, but this how long it takes to make one of the world’s finest spring waters.

The Ochil Hills, home of Highland Spring, is formed from layers of red sandstone and basalt.

Every drop of rain that falls on the land makes a 15 year journey through this natural filter, trickling down through the heather and deep into the rock beds its way to the source of Highland Spring.

Blackford is renowed for the quality of its water.

In 1503 King James IV of Scotland issued a Royal Charter sanctioning Blackford Beer as his Coronation Ale.

This fine brew used the water of the Ochil Hills and established the area as a leading source of pure unspoilt natural water.

The Ochil Hills are certified organic by the Soil Association, which means the water is as pure as it can possible.


Still Spring Water
Bottled at source in the Ochil Hills, Pertshire


Highland Spring Group, Stirling Street, Blackford

Sourced in remote Crown land

Where it naturally emerges from the UK's highest spring

A low, balanced mineral content gives on incredibly clean refreshing taste. Allowing

the flavours of the finest food and wine to shine through.

Only found in select establishments ours is not everyday water. In short.. Speyside

Glenlivet is the height of good taste.


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