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Edrington Group

Whisky Concerns


Edrington is a Scottish company and is controlled 100 % by The Robertson Trust.

The Trust bears the family name of the three Robertson sisters who inherited the many Scotch Whisky interests founded and developed by their father and grandfather.

Keen to ensure the un-going success of these interests, in 1961 they brought them together under The Edrington Group (named after a farm near their home) and established The Robertson Trust

This charitable trust is funded to a considerable degree by divided income from The Group and is charged with supporting a wide variety of charitable causes, largely in Scotland.

Last year (2009) the Trust gave 8,4 million Pound to charities.

The Brands:

The Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark, The Macallan, Highland Park, Brugal

Other Brands: The Glenrothes, The Glenturret and Tamdhu


1855 William A. Robertson starts business in Glasgow

1857 Robertson & Baxter are founded

1879 Clyde Bonding Company Ltd founded

1884 Clyde Coperage Company Ltd is founded

1885 The North British Distillery Company Ltd founded,
a patent - still distillery, shareholders include wine and
spirit merchants and blenders such as Andrew Usher,
William Sanderson & Son, James Watson & Co, John
Crabbie & Co and George Robertson from Robertson &

1887 Highland Distilleries Limited is formed, an amalgamation
between Bunnahabhain on Islay and Glen Rothes in Speyside, one of the promoters was W.A. Robertson from
Robertson & Baxter

1920 J.P.O. Brien Ltd sells Caol Ila to Robertson & Baxter

1922 Buchanan - Dewar, John Walker & Sons and The Distillers
Company Limited. (D.C.L. now Diageo) purchased for over
1000.000 Pound the stocks of Robertson & Baxter owners
of Haig & Haig with its brand Pinch, so named in the United States and outside the U.S. named Dimple

Robertson & Baxter were obliged to sell because the company's minority shareholders wished to realize their

Robertson & Baxter was reconstructed to concentrate on
blending for the own - label licensed trade

1927 Caol Ila distillery is sold to The Distillers Company Limited, (D.C.L. and now Diageo)

1936 Robertson & Baxter supplies Cutty Sark for Berry Bros and
Rudd Limited in London

1961 Edrington Holdings Ltd established

1965 Robertson & Baxter aquires Lang Brothers Ltd and their
Glengoyne distillery

1967 Clyde Cooperage becomes part of The Group

1970 Highland Distilleries Ltd acquired Matthew Gloag & Son
blenders of the famous Grouse and Black Bottle

1993 Robertson & Baxter acquires a 50 % interest in North
British Distillery

1996 Robertson & Baxter, Clyde Bonding Company, The Clyde
Coopergae Company are restructured and renamed The Group

1997 Cutty Sark International, a joint venture is formed with
Berry Bros & Rudd Limited

1998 There are conflicts between The Edrington Group and High-
land Distillers about future strategy about the management
of Macallan and Famous Grouse and the question or wether
Highland Distillers should be reprivatised.

1999 The Edrington Group Limited together with William Grant
and Sons Limited (Glenfiddich) buy Highland Distillers Ltd,
The Edrington Group already owns a 28 % share in Highland Distillers.
The 1887 Company, since this time its official name, belongs for 30 % to the Grants and 70 % to The Edrington

2001 Group's head quarters moves from West Nile Street to
Great Western Road in Glasgow

2002 Edrington signs agreement with Hite Group to supply Lan-
celot range in South Korea

2008 Edrington acquires majority in Brugal Company in the
Dominican Republic, a rum company

2008 Edrington sells Glenglassaugh distillery

2009 Edrington and Beam Global set up a sales and distribution alliance in 24 international growth markets


February 2010

Edrington Group buys Cutty Sark from Berry Bros & Rudd.

In the deal is included that Berry Bros & Rudd will acquire the single malt brand Glenrothes
from the Edrington Group, which has signed long - term supply agreements to provide
whisky fillings to Berry Bros & Rudd

Edrington Group retains ownership of the distillery of Glenrothes

Edrington was since about 70 years the suppliers of blended whisky for the brand Cutty Sark

The transaction will involve Edrington Group acquiring distribution contracts on Cutty Sark
and its distribution alliance, Maxxium will continue to distribute The Glenrothes single malt

Is is expected to provide a distribution option for other brands within Berry Bros & Rudd's
super - premium spirits range of spirits.

The agreement starts at April 2010

Ian Curie of Edrington Group: "In an ever - consolidating drinks industrie, this deal offers
significant operational synergies and market advantages. It improves our distribution in
key territories and strengthens our position as an independent premium grand company"

Berry Bros & Rudd's Hugh Sturges said" The acquisition reflected its ambition to grow its
super - premium business as the Glenrothes single malt whisky is one of the world's
fastest growing single malts and we are convinced that future growth will come from us
focusing even more on our strengths. This means targeting our sales and marketing efforts
on those brands and sectors where we can compete most effectively and develop market
positions that will drive real value on the long term.



Glenrothes 5.600.000 litres
Glenturret 340.000 litres
Highland Park 2.500.000 litres
Macallan 8.000.000 litres
Tamdhu 4.000.000 litres

Edrington Group

September 2010

Edrington Group is investing 10.000.000 Pound in a new whisky processing facility
and high - speed bottling line at its main Glasgow site.

The investment has been committed following a review of its whisky supply and
manufacturing needs end will mean 23 job losses.

The company which employs 450 men at the Great Western Road site, is consulting
with those likely to be effected by the proposals.

The restructuring follows a move by Edrington to improve its operational efficency
and cut costs. The firm says it will create industry - leading manufacturing facilitys
to meet the needs of the business.

Edrington has invested more than 37.000.000 Pound in the last five years.

The company is controlled by The Roberston Charitable Trust

Chief executive is Ian Curie.

28 June 2011

The Edrington Group have sold Tamdhu distillery to Ian Macleod Distillers

Ian Curie, Chief Executive of The Edrington Group said: We are delighted
to complete the sale of Tamdhu to Ian Macleod Distillers. The Edrington Group
and Ian Macleod Distillers Distillery have a good relationship back for many years, and we know the Tamdhu Distillery and brand will be in good hands.

From Edrington's perspective, the sale will further de - complex our business, allowing us to continue to focus on the growth of our 5 key brands: The Famous
Grouse, The Macallan, Brugal, Cutty Sark and Highland Park.

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