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Copper Fox

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Sperryville, Virginia

Owner and operator is Rick Wasmund, apprenticed six months at Bowmore on the Isle of Islay before starting Copper Fox in 2005 as a limited distiller, 5000 gallons.

Copper Fox distillery uses barley specifically bred for the distillery and grown in Virginia.

Copper Fox is also the only distillery in the United States to do 100 % of its own grain malting.

Following the malting process, apple and cherry wood provide smoke during the malt drying process in a special room at the distillery.

The apple wood used is from a local farm, where after the trees finish being productive about 19 years, the wood is recovered to the distillery.

Copper Fox is distilled in a portuguese small copper pot still and aged in used bourbon barrels from the other Virginia distillery, A. Smith Bowman, maker of Virgina Gentleman bourbon whiskey.

Copper Fox whiskey aging is accelerated by “chipping” = adding a sachet of small chunks 0r “chips” of charred wood, oak, apple and cherry are used, to the aging barrel.

Using this technique, Copper Fox whiskey’s are aged at a minimum of 12 months.

62 % = 124 proof
Distillers Art Series
Spirits Distilled from Grain
Grains used: 100 % Hand Malted Barley
Date distilled May 08 13
Less than 30 days old
Distilling notes:
Double pot still to between 150 and 160 proof
500 gallon mash still
104 gallon spirit still
Malting notes:
Light smoke
60 % Applewood
40 % Cherrywood
Approved by: RickWasmund / Sean McCaskey

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